6 Important Things You Shouldn't Do After A Breakup

6 Important Things You Shouldn't Do After A Breakup

6 Important Things You Shouldn't Do After A Breakup

1. Do not beg your now ex to get back with you

Desperation is what will be read all over your face if you dare pull this move. Some break-ups happen because you did wrong or because someone doesn’t feel you anymore. So if you go back and act all desperate like life will not continue without your now ex you are bound to heap on some more heartbreak on top of the existing ache. It’s like you are willingly asking for a more intense kind of heartbreak.

2. Do not engage in ex-sex

This will actually lead to wasting of precious time that could have otherwise be spent dating/meeting other people. If you think you are just engaging in no strings attached sex, then think again! The two of you engaging in ex sex are bound to be in very different places emotionally hence one person is bound to catch feelings while the other person enjoys “free sex” while they could easily be seeing other people. In short, having their cake and eating it too.

3. Do not practice stalking

Stalking! You will be tempted to do this very easily, especially to find out what your ex is up to and whether they have moved on and who with. Knowing this will pain you even more and take you to a dark place with too many questions and “what ifs”. Social media and especially Facebook has made stalking ever so easy but I think it is better to not know what your ex is getting up to as… what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Do not try to make your ex’s friends your friends so that you can find out how your ex is doing through them

4. Do not get violent/ physical

When you find yourself torching your ex’s car, egging his/her house, getting your hooligan friends to take him down whenever the opportunity arises…then you are probably hurting on another level. When you constantly visit their house unannounced to trash their house, shove them or provoke them so that you can get them to fight you, call them names and embarrass them in front of the neighbors…then you are going about it all wrong and in the end you are the one who will end up looking like a complete sore loser!

5. Do not become hateful

Finding excuses to try and see your ex is already lame! Move on with your life already. But you will stoop to a new low when you start picking fights with your ex and perhaps even the new person in their life. You are constantly in their face and in their life, calling them, abusing them and just focusing on making their life unbearable! You become so hateful such that you start spreading malicious lies about them not knowing that this will not help your situation. You are just wasting your time and your energy being hateful.

6. Do not maintain regular contact

Part of this point may have an exception to it hence it coming last on this list.

If your aim is to forget someone and move on with your life then keeping in touch with them won’t make moving on easier. You will always find yourself going back to that place where you were with them as a couple. You are likely to start missing them, you can’t help it but if they are still not feeling you then you are wasting your emotions on the wrong person and you may even be bothering them by contacting them.

However if you broke up in not so bad terms and respected each other during the relationship then a birthday wish here and a Christmas greeting there won’t hurt. Just don’t assume that things should be the same as when you were together and when they don’t respond to your texts or emails, don’t beat yourself about it.

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