Girl Was Beaten To Death For Teasing A Classmate

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 0

Photo: Girl Was Beaten To Death For Teasing A ClassmateStrange things happen all over the world not just in Nigeria alone. While four young men were brutally attacked and roasted to death in Portharcourt, Nigeria over false allegations of theft, a teenage girl has died after she was beaten by a classmate.

Witnesses told police that Shaakira Dorsey, 16, had been mocking a friend for farting before she was attacked, beaten to the ground and pummeled again and again.

The incidence happened this time in Ohio where a teen was killed on Wednesday by classmate enraged by her alleged teasing.

Miss Dorsey died shortly after the argument, police say, and her unidentified juvenile attacker has been charged with murder. The family said that the teen had no pre-existing medical conditions that would cause shortness of breath.

Just like the Nigerian incident, adults and grown ups alike watched the kids fighting without lifting a finger and it was not until Shaakira’s step father broke up the fight, but that was a little to late as she died almost immediately. Home Page

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