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Expert Group Reviews Primary Health Care

Expert Group Reviews Primary Health Care

A 22-member group is to review primary health care services across the country in efforts to improve basic services.

The Primary Health Care Expert Group, comprising heads of teaching hospitals and directors of health agencies, is expected to present its report in two weeks considering critical issues affecting primary health care, said Dr Muhammad Ado, executive director of National Primary Health Care Development Agency.

“Primary health care has worked before. It has to work again,” said Ado.

“We have no excuse why it should not work again. Because if it doesn’t work, no matter what we are doing in the health sector, it will not make any impact.”

The expert group will review issues of policy and laws, including the National Health Bill.

According to its terms of reference, the group will also consider issues in:

·        Reinforcing the culture of primary health care

·        Access to basic care and quality care

·        Stronger state institutions to implement primary health care

·        Developing, deploying and using personnel

·        Collaborating and coordinating partners, states and local government areas

The group’s work starts days before the President is to launch the Save One Million Lives programme under the auspices of the United Nations.

The World Health Organisation expressed optimism the report of the group would be “a turning point to achieve better health outcomes.”

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