Striptease Gone Wrong: Man’s Bladder Ruptures When Stripper Lands On His Abdomen 4 years ago 4

A lawsuit says that a bachelor party mishap at a Philadelphia strip club landed the groom-to-be in a hospital with a ruptured bladder.

The lawsuit filed last week in state court alleges the woman landed with such force on Patrick Gallagher’s abdomen that his bladder ruptured.

Gallagher, of Lansdale, needed surgery after sustaining the injury in November 2010.

The lawsuit accuses the club of negligence and seeks at least $50,000 for medical costs, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.

From The Huffington Post: Gallagher had bought the "Bachelor’s Package" at the club, which prompted dancers to bring him on stage and lie him flat on his back beneath the pole, according to The Daily News. One dancer went up the pole above him, and "from a great height she launched herself down onto his abdomen," said his attorney, Neil Murray.

The pain was so severe the next day that he went to the hospital. He suffered from internal bleeding, among other injuries.

The Daily News was unable to reach the club’s owner for comment. The Associated Press could not reach a club representative Friday morning. Home Page

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