Help, My Friend’s Girlfriend Is Making Passes At Me 4 years ago 4

I have a history of sleeping with women that one of my boys had eyes for. I know it’s not right and I’ve gone out of my way to correct my behavior because I value our friendship. 

He’s got this chick he’s been with for a while now (he’s talking marriage) and lately she’s been making passes at me. Over the holidays, we were in my kitchen and she got too close and rubbed her booty on me. I know she did it on purpose and I don’t know if it was because she had been drinking, but even when she’s sober, she be giving me that “look” and saying some sexual things.

I want to tell my friend that she’s scandalous but I have such a crazy past as it relates to women with him. My question is, do I say something to her? Do I say something to him? Or do I just let it ride? Home Page

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