Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

As the most beloved clothing fabric in Nigeria, Ankara has already made its way into millions of wardrobes of Nigerian men and women. That is why it’s not surprising that the most stylish parents choose Ankara clothing for their kids too.

Check out 7 most adorable Ankara looks for children and get inspired to dress your little one better!

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1. Ankara jumpsuit

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

This look has everything it takes to create a trendy and stylish outfit for kids.

The jumpsuit is one of the most practical choices for kids’ fashion, since they can run and play in it without any restrictions.

The vintage-inspired headscarf and the fashionable loose bun hairstyle are the perfect addition for this gorgeous look.

2. Grey and orange Aso-Ebi

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

Ankara is the ideal fabric to use in outfits designed for special occasions, which is once again proven by this charming Aso-Ebi look.

The pairing of grey and orange in the dress, as well as the matching headdress will make your daughter the cutest little guest at any wedding or other event. Plus, the bright orange beads add to the appeal of this look.

3. Ankara family look

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

Even if your baby is just learning how to walk, they can already rock an adorable Ankara look!

The charming Ankara skirt looks exceptionally good with a plain white top.

The mom’s Ankara dress takes this whole look to the next level.

Dress in a matching Ankara set next time you and your baby go out, and you’ll be the centre of everyone’s attention!

4. Ankara long-sleeved dress

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

Just look at this little fashionista! Her whole Ankara look is just exquisite!

  • From the elegant long-sleeved dress with a pencil skirt,
  • to the cute open-toed shoes with a contrasting pedicure,
  • and from the stylish headscarf to bold jewelry.

The sunglasses are another very charming accessory in this already impeccable Ankara outfit.

5. Ankara + lace

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

The two most beloved fabrics in Nigeria (Ankara and lace) were destined to meet in one outfit, and here it is.

This Ankara and lace dress would look awesome on ladies of all ages, but it looks especially adorable on a baby girl. The colors of this outfit match perfectly, and the fit is just right for the little fashionistas.

The little Ankara hair bow makes this look even more stylish.

6. Ankara suit

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

Everything about this Ankara look is so coordinated that you can’t help but want a similarly styled outfit for your baby girl.

The shirt and the shorts have the exact right color scheme, but the inverted pattern makes the whole look a lot more fun.

  • The sparkly pink slip-on shoes,
  • the classically fashionable handbag,
  • and the trendy sunglasses are other strong points of this outfit.

7. Ankara flared dress

Top 7 cutest ankara styles for kids

Just when you thought that Ankara styles for kids couldn’t get any cuter, another adorable Ankara look comes along.

This cutie looks just amazing in her teal blue flared dress with an empire waist, which is the perfect style of the dress for children.

The golden shoes and the matching flower headband make this outfit complete.

Bet you’ve already fallen in love with at least one look we’ve showed you today! You’ll be happy to know that all kinds of stylish

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