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Nigerian Army warns over 2 new strategies adopted by Boko Haram

Nigerian Army warns over 2 new strategies adopted by Boko Haram

- After a careful study and arrests of some Boko Haram members recently, the Nigerian Army, issued the warning about the sect's new strategies

- One of such strategies, according the Nigerian Army, is for the terrorists to suddenly start fighting to attract people before detonating bombs

The Nigerian Army has issued a warning to citizens of the country saying the Boko Haram terrorists have adopted a new strategy.

The new disclosure, according to Colonel Onyema Nwachukwu, the deputy director in charge of public relations at the Theatre Command, followed information relating to recent arrests of some of the terrorists.

“Following regular interception of Boko Haram terrorists su*cide bombers by troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE and the serial failures that have trailed their su*cide bomb attacks, recent developments indicate that the terrorist group is now exploiting deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting members of the public to target areas before detonating their bomb in order to attain maximum casualty,” a statement by Nwachukwu obtained by NAIJ.com said.

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The statement said the Nigerian Army had observed that one of the tactics employed by the terrorists is to create a scene such as fighting.

The fighting may be between members of the group or any other person just to attract attention and cause people to gather around.

Then they would detonate their bomb.

“Another antic is by abducting children who are on errands, strapping them with su*cide vests and sending them back home, where the su*cide bomb detonates to kill members of the household.

“These deceptive tactics have been found to have played out in recent su*cide bomb attacks carried out by the Boko Haram terrorists,” the commander said.

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He warned members of the public and urged them to be wary of these tactics and avoid such unnecessary gatherings that could expose them to preventable danger.

He also warned parents and adults to sensitize their children and wards on these new Boko Haram tricks.

“They are also urged to be conscious of the whereabouts of their children and rein them in where necessary to prevent them from being callously used by the terrorists for the evil mission of su*cide bombing,” he said while asking Nigerians to always help with information.

NAIJ.com earlier reported that a 12-year-old Fulani cattle breeder was killed in a bomb blast at Muna Delti area of Jere local government council of Borno state on Saturday, July 15.

A witness, Grema Bana, said that the incident occurred at about 4:45 p.m., at one of the pastoralist hamlets in the area.

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