Current affairs in Nigeria or why Biafra wants separation

Current affairs in Nigeria or why Biafra wants separation

Current affairs in Nigeria are filled with negative circumstances. There is a chance that Nigeria will not be a united country by the end of the century. What should Nigerians expect from Biafra? Will it become a country again? Continue reading to find out!

Current affairs in Nigeria: how will Biafra issue be solved?

List of Current Affairs

List of Current Affairs

The Nigerian History and current affairs seem to repeat itself. Fifty years later, Nigeria still has unsolved issues in a lot of areas. Current issues in Nigeria: a few more reasons why Biafra wants separation. Let`s take a look at the list of the affairs.

- Corruption in Nigeria. It`s not a secret that Nigeria is one of the most corrupted countries in the world. This menace is responsible for the destruction of the economy of Nigeria. Without changes, Nigerians can`t expect any financial success in the country.

terrorist group

- Boko Haram. This terrorist group is a major issue for modern Nigeria. The terrorist attacks by this group have already taken thousands of lives. The international community fears that anti-terrorist operation in the North-East only brings more harm, then benefits. The foreign reporters have disclosed the issue of famine in the North-East part of the country.

- Job Crisis. It`s one of the current affairs of Nigeria! It is an issued suffered by a lot of young people. The most optimistic statistics show that about 14% of people are without a job in Nigeria. Therefore, the GDP losses are enormous. The Federal Government implements new policies to fight poverty and joblessness, but there are no significant results yet.

Job Crisis

- Ecological Catastrophe. The states in Niger Delta region have difficulties thriving after decades of oil production. has already reported about the devastating situation in the oil states of the country. Vanguard reported that Nigeria would need about 100 billion dollars to clear the oil mess in the country.

- Niger Delta Avengers. Due to the ecological crisis, this new group emerged to fight against the government. The members of the group were major trouble-makers during the 2014-2015 oil crisis. They have destroyed a lot of pipelines leaving Nigeria with billion dollars’ losses.

Niger Delta Avengers

- Economic Recession. Even if it`s clear that Nigeria has come out of the economic recession in 2017, the Federal Government will only be ready to speak about the victory over the recession in 2018. For now, Nigerians still feel the effect of the economic recession.

Biafra War

Biafra War

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The South-East part of Nigeria wants to regain its independence. Fifty years ago, the Biafra War took away the lives of thousands. The agitation in the South-East States continues, and the reaction of the Federal Government has been shown to be counterproductive. It only boosted the determination of the separatist groups.

According to IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra), since the war, one of the three Nigerian ethnic groups have been marginalized. The Igbo did not have a lot of opportunities to rule Nigeria over the last fifty years. The best results for the Igbo ruling was presented by:

- Nnamdi Azikiwe`s presidency in the 1960s;

- Alex Ekwueme vice presidency from 1979 to 1983;

- Major General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi serving as the head of states;

Since the Biafra War, Igbos have been treated as second class citizens. This led to the re-resurrection of the Biafra Issue in Nigeria

Biafra Issue in Nigeria

President Buhari has also provided no key posts for the Igbo people. Therefore, they do not have their representatives in the key organs of the country. Another problem is caused by Buhari treatment of his electorate. It`s true that South-East states gave him only 5% of their support, but it does not mean that they should expect worse treatment than the states which gave them 95% of the votes. Buhari`s policy shows otherwise.

will Biafra issue be solved?

Another fact about Biafra issue is collective victimization. In 1966, about 30, 000 Igbo in the North were killed and forced to leave their homes. During the civil war, all other ethnic groups of Nigeria ganged up against Biafra. Fifty years passed, but nothing has changed! These ethnicities are still railed against the Igbos. The president`s forceful response to Biafra today has led the Igbo to receive empathy from international communities.

IPOB leader

The General Policy of the Federal Government is combative. They treat the Biafra separatists today as if they are terrorists. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo even arrested Ralph Uwazuruike who is the leader of the Movement for Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). This movement is treated as a terrorist organization and this led to a huge clash between MASSOB members and the police force.

Current affairs

President Buhari has shown the same intolerance to the Biafra issue. In 2015, the government forces arrested Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB. Nevertheless, the leaders of IPOB and MASSOB keep agitating people to support Biafra. MASSOB has already started a campaign to support Biafra Passport. MASSOB representatives assure that these types of documents are legal!

USA Biafra

IPOB, on the other hand, keeps looking for support from the international political powers. One of the latest messages of IPOB was from Candy Stallworth, who is the principal officer of IPOB in the USA. She reported that President Trump was going to declare the Biafra referendum on 21st of July.

Biafra News today

Biafra issue will continue to arise, and no right solution can be appropriate for both sides of the conflict. The pro-Biafra groups keep looking for help from other countries. There are even some speculations about Biafra referendum in the press. Officially, no international leaders recognize Biafra yet. Therefore, Biafra issue still stays unsolved. This will change only if other influential countries decide to speak up.

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