Donald Trump on Biafra: does he really support the referendum?

Donald Trump on Biafra: does he really support the referendum?

We have all heard about the Republican front-runner and the current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Since the elections, he has received a lot of attention from a number of nations. Especially for his interesting speeches during his run for the presidential chair. But what are his thoughts on Nigeria and Biafra? Is there a reason why he has decided to support Biafra? Let’s discuss.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump on Nigeria


Before talking about Trump's attitude to Biafra, let us first cover some interesting things that he said about Nigerians. We know that during the elections, Donald was quite radical (to say the least) about immigrants. We also know that there are a fair amount of Nigerians that are working in America. Most of them are living far away from their families and are sending money to their relatives in Nigeria.

During a rally at Wichita, Kansas he mentioned the problem of immigration. It is known that a fair amount of immigrants in the US are from Mexico and Nigeria. Donald said “To Make America great again, we need to get rid of the Muslims, Mexicans and the Africans, especially the Nigerians. They take all our jobs, jobs meant for honest hard working Americans, and when we don’t give them the jobs, the Muslims blow us up”. Quite harsh, don’t you think?

Mad Trump

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He also said “If I become president, we’ll send them all home. We’ll build a wall at the Atlantic Shore. Then, maybe, we’ll re-colonize them because obviously, they did not learn a *** thing from the British!

We are telling you this in order to show you his attitude towards Nigeria. You decide whether it is right or not. However, we can’t be sure if he is talking only about immigrants or the country in general. We’ll see the results in the future.

Donald Trump on Biafra

Donald Trump on Biafra

Now that we have established some general facts about Trump’s attitude, it is time to discuss his view on Biafra. To begin with, he did not have a direct relationship with Biafra during the elections. But he was aware of it like most foreign governments.

Dr. Egemba, the co-founder of Radio Biafra had some interesting thoughts about Donald's relationship with Biafra during the elections. He said, “Having taken office as American President, as he settles down, I am quite sure that the issue of Biafra will be one of the things that will be handed to him; that he will inherit or will come to find out”.

Donald Trump and Biafra

How are things today with Donald Trump and Biafra? We are not sure, to be frank. There has not been any such thing as “Donald Trump speech about Biafra” yet. At least, not one where he is directly talking about the issue. However, there has been some news about Donald Trump and Biafra.

On July 21st, 2017, Donald Trump will declare a referendum for Biafra. A lot of people that are supporting Biafra were thrilled to hear the news. The principal officer of the Indigenous People of Biafra said that this is an effort from the US to ensure that Biafra would have support from America.


She shared the news with her subscribers on Facebook with the words: “Biafra, the biggest moment we have waited for in history, July 21st, 2017, President Donald Trump will declare referendum for Biafra. 5 of IPOB US Leaders will be entering the Whitehouse for the purpose of the referendum that day. We have been invited July 21st, 2017 for this glorious day”.

Right now, we are awaiting the Biafra referendum. The fact that there is going to be a referendum may mean that Donald Trump supports Biafra. However, we can’t be sure yet; we will see how things will be on the 21st of July.

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