How to mix cream to lighten skin?

How to mix cream to lighten skin?

Many people don't know how to choose the right cream for their skin type. It is very important to know the composition of the cream before use in order to achieve the desired result. You will read some information about how to mix cream to lighten skin. It can help you!

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How to mix bleaching cream for skin

Cream for skin

A lot of women try to understand how to mix cream for whitening skin. Every one of us has different skin type. These days, we have so many options for creams at any store. But not all of them are real creams with a good composition. Every lady need to choose the type that is perfect for her skin

Some women are searching for the best lightening cream without hydroquinone (a common ingredient) for their type of skin.

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Lightening of the skin is not just about clearing dark spots or scars. It is also has a general lightening effect on your whole skin. It makes you look fairer.

There are situations in life when some people might feel awkward and shy because of the colour of their skin. They feel like they need to whiten their skin on order to gain confidence again.

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There are a number of effective whitening creams. For example, Meladerm by Civant Skin Care. This bleaching cream has no hydroquinone. It is herbal and consists of only natural ingredients.

But in order to achieve a healthy and better result, you can mix the best lightening cream. You can learn how to do it by following these easy instructions.

Bleaching cream recipe

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1. First, take some almonds. Using a food processor to grind theme. But make sure that almonds do not turn into a paste by not grinding it for too much. If you don't have a food processor at home, you can buy "Almond flour" at most shops.

2. The next step is to mix yogurt, honey, lemon juice, and turmeric with the almond powder. You must stir it until it comes together in a thick consistency. Your home cream is ready.

Lightening procedure

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Now it is necessary to adhere to a constant procedure when it comes to bleaching. Apply the cream on your skin every night before going to bed. Do not use it during the day! Lemon juice does not respond very well to the sun. Your body needs to rest at nights. and as this helps your skin recover, it also helps your body release important hormones. These hormones open the pores and increase blood circulation. So the process facilitates the infiltration of the cream into the skin.

Homemade cream

Repeat this procedure daily for 14 days. And you will soon begin to notice results

Curcuma, lemon juice, and almonds are some of the most powerful natural skin bleaching ingredients. They give the same results as purchased creams without all the dangerous chemical additives.

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Also, lightening creams made at home are better for your skin. You know what ingredients you mix. There is no risk and no hydroquinone.

Thanks to this cream, the condition of your skin will quickly improve. It will get a more even colour and shine! Try it!

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