How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh?

How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh?

Would you like to know how to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh? Finally, now you can produce liquid dishwashing soap at home! We have prepared for you two special recipes! You will enjoy the results!

How to make liquid soap for dishwashing?

No doubt, soap is a significant part of our everyday life. According to some scientists, without the invention of soap people wouldn’t be able to create a civilization we live in these days.

How to make liquid soap?

Liquid soap actually came into existence not so long ago but its convenience and ease of use have made it rather popular. While the process of bar soap making is relatively easy and well-known, the process of liquid soap making is less common, especially when it comes to liquid dish-washing soap.

How to make dish liquid soap?

There are some recipes for liquid dish-washing soap home production. Most handy ladies know how to make liquid soap in Nigeria. Are you ready for the best recipes? Here they come!

How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh? The first recipe

Here, there are two favorite products broadly used by Nigerian housewives, they are “Morning Fresh" and "Mama Lemon". A lot of women are wondering how they can produce these special products at home and save on household spending. We will tell how to do it easily.

How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh?

Components for liquid dishwashing soap:

- CMC (PacR, or Entisol) – 1/4 kg;

- Sulphonic Acid – 1 liters;

- Caustic Soda – 1/4 kg;

- Soda Ash – 1/4 kg;

- Color (green);

- Perfume (lemon fragrance or any other preference);

- Texapon – 1/4 kg;

- SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) – 1/4 kg.

Liquid soap making - Preparation process:

1) First of all, drench 1/4 kg of Antisol or CMC or PAC-R in ten liters of water and leave it for two - three days. When it is properly dissolved, it will look like Akamu or Starch. It is at this point that you begin the production process;

make liquid soap

2) Dissolve 1/4 kg of Soda Ash in water and pour into CMC. Stir until reaction is done;

3) Dissolve SLS in water to give a clear solution. Pour into CMC and stir;

4) Dissolve 1/4 kg Texapon and pour into your mixture above;

5) Pour 1 liter of sulphonic acid into CMC and stir;

How to make liquid soap at home?

6) Dissolve Caustic soda in water and stir properly, then pour in the above mixture;

7) Wait for lather to disappear, then add color and perfume.

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How to make liquid soap for dishwashing? The second recipe

When it comes to liquid soap for dish-washing, it is important to mention that it will have a stronger effect against grease on almost all surfaces. Let’s look through the second recipe for 20 liters of such substance! Just get all your required ingredients and follow the preparation process below.

How to make dish liquid soap like Morning Fresh?


- 3-8 tsp of SLS (Sodium Laurate Sulphate);

- 5-10 tsp of Texapon;

- 5-10 tsp of STPP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate);

- 17 liters of water;

- 1 liter of Sulphonic Acid;

- 250 grams of Nitrosol;

- 75 grams of Caustic Soda;

- 120 grams of Soda Ash.

Preparation process:

How to make liquid soap step by step

1) First of all, you should be very attentive and wear gloves and, if it is possible, protective glasses. It is rather dangerous to work with these unadulterated chemical substances, that’s why you need to water them down. For example, you will need 1 liter of water for caustic soda, soda ash requires 1 liter of water too, STPP and SLS will need 0.75 liters of water each, texapon and sulphonic acid can be mixed together and diluted in 5 liters of water. Then you should leave the substances for at least one day.

How to make dishwashing liquid soap?

2) Afterwards, mix these substances together in the right order: first, the Sulphonic Acid => then Texapon => then Nitrosol => then Caustic Soda => then Ash Soda => SLS => and STPP. Stir meticulously, but be very careful after each step.

3) At the end just add the amount of water that is required to get the consistency you prefer..

Well, as you can now see, it's quite easy to prepare a liquid soap at home. All you need to do is get all the right ingredients and follow the instruction in the preparation process. Good luck and be careful while working with chemicals! Keep these recipes not to lose them and don't forget to share with friends.

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