Turkish Man Sends Fake Bomb to Istanbul In Bid to Disrupt Sister’s Wedding

Katherine Baffour 4 years ago 0

London, UK – A Turkish man sent a fake bomb to his sister’s wedding in Istanbul to prevent it from taking place, a court heard today.


Hasan Aydemir, 28, was unhappy when younger sister Hatice decided to tie the knot with Menderes Atici without the family’s blessing, it was said.

Aydemir caused chaos when he sent a package to the wedding venue in Istanbul via UPS (United Parcel Service, an American global package delivery company) on March 17 last year, jurors heard.

When it became clear the parcel was harmless, the couple were able to get married, Blackfriars Crown Court heard.

In a statement read to the jury Aydemir’s brother-in-law Secki Kocack said his wife’s family were outraged at the couple’s plans to wed.

‘My wife’s family were very displeased with Menderes as it is traditional to ask a girl’s family for permission to court her,’ he said. ‘He had not done this, he did not have a job and the family did not know him, so they were against Hatice travelling to Turkey to wed him.

‘She was at university at the time and they though that she had not thought through her decisions.

‘It also brought shame on their family.’

Mr Kocack said Aydemir sent him text messages in the run up to the package being sent, asking him for an address in the Turkish capital, and he feared he might do something.

‘He texted me asking for the address, but I did not reply,’ he said. ‘I got a second text from Hasan saying I had let him down by not giving him the address.

‘He told me their behaviour was shameful, and that I was being shameful.

‘I told him that I did not want to get involved, and that if he had a problem with his younger sibling he had to sort it out himself.

‘I said he was being shameful. ‘I didn’t want to give him the address because I was worried he would go to Turkey and do something to try and bring her back.’

Aydemir, of Tottenham, north London, denies a single count of dispatching an article with intent.

The trial continues. Home Page

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