I no longer have confidence in security agencies in Nigeria - Governor Bello

I no longer have confidence in security agencies in Nigeria - Governor Bello

- The Nigeria Police Force is often accused of not meeting the expectations of the citizens of the country in the area of crime control

- Governor Abubakar Bello of Niger state said he would prefer traditional rulers be given monthly security votes to combat crime

The Nigeria Police Force has hit another low as the governor of Niger state, Abubakar Bello, has declared he no longer has confidence in the security agency.

Governor Bello suggests that traditional rulers should be given security votes to create a local policing system to save lives and properties in the country owing to the high rate of crime.

“Despite the huge amounts voted and given to security agencies monthly, they have failed in making the state and nation safer as crime seems to have become the order of the day,” he reportedly said while suggesting that the sum of N100 million be given to traditional rulers monthly.

I no longer have confidence in security agencies in Nigeria - Niger Governor Bello

Governor Bello is suggesting security votes to traditional rulers in Nigeria

He said if this was done, Nigeria would fare better in the aspect of security.

The governor, who hosted the Niger Council of Traditional Rulers led by the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, said: “I suggest that we go back to the traditional ways of securing our communities, the traditional system performed better in the past and they can do better now if more powers are given to them.

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"I recommend that we give powers to traditional rulers for security.

“We spend a lot of money on security but we do not have a safe environment.

“In Niger state, we spend N100 million every month on security, I am sure that if we spend a fraction of that money on traditional rulers, we will get better results than what we have now.”

He urged the traditional rulers and other residents to pray for the state to be able to combat the rate of crimes it is currently witnessing.

“We need a lot of prayers in Niger state. We are faced with a new kind of security challenges that are unusual.

“There is a new wave of kidnapping, murder, armed robbery and clashes. It is a new wave that seems to be engulfing the state.

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“People have decided to take the laws into their own hands and kill because they have conflict with others.

“We are beginning to lose it as a people and as a state. In the past, nobody got away with murder, kidnapping or other crimes but these days, kidnappers and other criminals walk the streets freely.

“As a governor, I am becoming afraid because I do not know who to trust or who to talk to,” he said.

NAIJ.com earlier reported an opinion that the London-based Amnesty International has a passion for stirring calm waters, especially in Nigeria.

The opinion stated: "It seems, the organization delights more in propagating contrived negations than rejoicing with humanity’s enviable accomplishments.

"By the frequency with which Amnesty International choruses human rights violations in Nigeria, one is tempted to believe there are no other countries in the world, where citizens have human rights that are traduced.

"In the past, this organization has passed very damnable verdicts about alleged human rights violations in different parts of the country. Unfortunately, in many instances, Nigerians hardly believe such reports, as they are perceived more as rubble rousers."

Can you sincerely call the police your friend? Watch this video:

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