Law Pavilion launches legal Blackberry software 4 years ago 12

GIT Limited, publishers of Law Pavilion has launched a new legal Blackberry software application that will help lawyers and judges access the latest judgments of the court.

With the launch of new software held during the Lagos branch of the Nigerian Bar Association  (NBA) Law Week, Law Library is now in a Blackberry and thus, guarantees quick access to the latest Supreme Court judgments, Court of Appeal decisions, Civil Procedure Rules of State High Courts and oft-used Laws of the Federation.

Before the launch of the Law Pavilion Black Berry Application, Law Pavilion known within legal circles as the premium research tool that any serious-minded member of the Bar and Bench must acquire to significantly enhance his practice or quality of rulings, has been available for installation on personal devices such as laptops or desktops, office servers and more recently, the Ipad.

Speaking at the launch, the former Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Prof Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), who also delivered the keynote address at the Law Week, commended Law Pavilion’s brilliant contribution and innovation towards the advancement of legal practice in Nigeria.

For the Managing Director of GIT Limited, Mr. Ope Olugasa, the company is proud to be the pioneer in using recent technologies to enhance and advance the practice of law in Nigeria. Home Page

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