OPINION: 5 reasons Igbos must return to their homeland to find peace

OPINION: 5 reasons Igbos must return to their homeland to find peace

Editor’s note: The clamour for self government by the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) has continued to be on the front burner of the Nigerian political space in the recent time. Also recently, an Arewa youth group gave the Igbos living in the north three month ultimatum to go back to their various states of origin and this has also been generating hues and cries among Nigerian.

In an article sent to NAIJ.com, Christina Adegbaju writes on why Igbos should go back to their homeland to find peace.

Now more than ever, there has been an increase in conversations focusing on the Igbo exodus.

Igbos are like Israelites, they will be persecuted everywhere except they return to build their homeland.

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1. To all Igbos clamouring for Biafra, have you built up your homeland to go back to?

2. Never choose to start a fight you can’t finish. So what happened in Ore won’t happen again. Have sources of food, plenty ammunition, good roads, high citizen morale, foreign and local support in high places.

OPINION: 5 reasons Igbos must return to their homeland to find peace

Nnamdi Kanu

3. There is only one way a coup can end. Some will emerge as victors, some will be vanquished. He who has the victory has the upper hand. Biafra was an indirect result of the 1966 coup. If the coup had been successful, there won’t be Biafra.

4. Fighting a war on selfish interests alone. The war is doomed to fail from start.

5. Trying to leave a nation is an act of rebellion, and will be treated as such. Let no one fool you. It is causing friction in a country that is barely managing to hold itself together.

Way forward:

1. Discuss, discuss and discuss till an acceptable solution is reached. War is not the way.

2. Leave Italy refugee camps, leave South Africa, leave Malaysia, leave the north where your shops are burnt, families jailed and killed, destinies truncated, where you insist on staying all in the name of business and "ego".

You live to fight another day.

The Jews didn't build a formidable nation, Israel, till they came home from different parts they have been scattered to.

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Build up Aba and Onitsha; make them the next China and Dubai.

3. Have a common cause to fight for, then we can unite and stand with you.

After all, the majority of Igbos don't even believe in Biafra. And if you insist on leaving, by all means leave, but will you be in a better place?

NAIJ.com had previously reported that Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh, the General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries told Igbos to use the quit notice by youths in the North to work harder towards the actualisation of Biafra, stressing that it is now or never.

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