How to prepare groundnut soup

How to prepare groundnut soup

Groundnut is one of the most popular ingredients in Nigerian food. You can eat it as a snack or prepare some meals with it. Do you know how to prepare groundnut soup?! Here is the special recipe for you!

How to prepare groundnut soup

The groundnut soup

As far as we know, groundnut soup is one of the most popular and favorite soups in Nigeria and Africa on the whole. By the way, you can taste some sweetness while eating it for the first time.

Sure, each housewife has her own special recipes. But here is the best one!

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Ingredients for groundnut soup

Ingredients for groundnut soup

You will need:

- 500g of crude peeled off groundnuts (or peanuts);

- assorted meat;

- dried fish (or stockfish);

- palm oil;

- a small sheaf of pumpkin leaves;

- spinach;

- tiny bitter-leaf;

- 2 soup spoons of the ground crayfish;

- soup spices;

- salt;

- ground dry pepper.


How to prepare groundnut soup?

1. You should boil the stockfish (or dried fish) for a few hours. The period of boiling depends on the stockfish hardness. Boil until your fish becomes softer.

2. Then it’s time to roast your crude groundnuts in the pan until they become golden brown color (Be attentive not to burn them). When they are ready, just put them aside and let to cool off. After this, grind them into powder form with the help of a dry mill.

groundnut's powder

3. The next step is to prepare the pumpkin leaves: wash them and cut into small pieces. As for the spinach, just cut it into really tiny pieces. After that, wash the bitter leaf till the bitter taste is gone and put aside

groundnut soup

4. Then mix the grounded pepper with the ground crayfish.

5. The next step is preparation of the assorted meat. You should always keep the water at the same level as the pot’s content and top it up while cooking.

6. When the assorted meat is getting ready, you should add the dried fish (or stockfish).

7. After the assorted meat is almost ready, you should add the beef and soup spices. Cook it until the meat and fish get prepared.

Actually, it’s rather easy to prepare the groundnut soup, but it requires a lot time. But it's worth it as it tastes really delicious. So, keep this special recipe and try to cook this soup. Bon Appetit!

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