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Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

As the leading online classified platform in Nigeria, Jiji has already helped thousands of people successfully buy and sell goods and services. If you’re wondering what Jiji can do for you, here are the stories of 5 people whose lives changed thanks to Jiji - who knows, maybe the next success story will be yours!

Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

With Jiji, buying and selling becomes so easy that once your start doing it, you’ll wonder how you managed to sell or buy anything before. Start working with Jiji and get ready for the most satisfying and money-saving shopping experience in your life! You can also access the latest and hottest deals thanks to the free Jiji app.

1. Adewale, 32: “Finally my house has everything”

Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

Six months ago Adewale achieved his dream of having his own property: together with his wife, Adewale purchased a nice 1-bedroom flat in Lagos. However, the flat turned out to be so expensive that the new homeowners were left with almost no money to furnish and decorate their home.

Luckily, the solution was near: Adewale and his wife went to Jiji and found everything they needed there. All kinds of used and reasonably priced furniture, the essential home appliances, and even decor items were sold by people just like Adewale. The family not only could afford everything, but currently they’re even considering buying a new TV.

2. Ifede, 22: “Now I have a high-paying job that I love”

Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

Ifede started looking for a job several months before graduating the University, but as she couldn’t land a good position for a long time, she nearly gave up on her search. The degree didn’t help either, since there were hundreds of recent graduates competing for the same spot. Ifede began to feel desperate.

Instead of giving up, Ifede decided to try her luck with Jiji. In just two days of looking for open positions and applying, she was invited to her first job interview, and couldn’t believe her luck when at the end of the interview she was hired on the spot. Now Ifede is happily working as an administrator at a large Lagos office, making more cash than she ever hoped for.

3. Olajide, 25: “My dream ride is standing in my garage”

Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

As long as Olajide remembers, he has been passionate about cars. First his father showed him the colorful car magazines and taught him a few things about car repair and maintenance, and then Olajide himself started following new car releases, dreaming of the day when he would have his own car.

Having saved some money, Olajide was looking for the most affordable option of his dream Toyota Highlander. He spent a couple of days looking through Toyota cars on Jiji, and soon he found a mint condition Highlander for just ₦2,000,000. The next day Olajide met with the seller, and now his Toyota Highlander is ready for adventures.

4. Tiwa, 24: “I had my fairytale wedding”

Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

Since Tiwa was a little girl, she has been dreaming of a gorgeous wedding straight out of romantic cartoons. She even found her Prince Charming, but the couple didn’t have enough money to hire a wedding planner and throw a lavish celebration like Tiwa always wanted. That is why the happy bride went on Jiji to plan her own event.

By using Jiji and its super convenient categories, Tiwa quickly found everything she needed, from the ideal wedding venue to the baker who made her three-tier wedding cake. Tiwa also bought a stunning wedding dress and shoes for a fraction of the price. When the couple finally had their wedding, Tiwa couldn’t be happier - her dream finally came true!

5. Egwuchi, 33: “My business is blooming”

Achieve your goals with Jiji: 5 success stories

Ever since Egwuchi got his first digital camera when he was 20, he has enjoyed being a photographer. However, since photography jobs were rare, he had to keep his day job of being an accountant, while dreaming of becoming a full-time photographer. Finally a friend told Egwuchi about Jiji and how easy it is to advertise your services there.

Egwuchi didn’t hesitate and created an ad, where he listed his services. To his surprise, he got his first job that evening: it was the first birthday party of an Abuja girl, whose parents wanted to save the memories of that special day. Since then, Egwuchi has been enjoying a steady flow of jobs and was able to leave his accounting job to pursue his dreams.

As you can see, Jiji can help you in hundreds of ways. No matter what you want to sell, buy, or advertise, Jiji has the right solution for you. Don’t miss your chance to achieve your goals and use Jiji on your desktop or the Jiji app on your phone!

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