Fitted Iro and Buba styles

Fitted Iro and Buba styles

Today’s article is based on a renowned style that is mostly worn in the western part of Nigeria by females. Single ladies are now rocking this look but it is a staple wear in your wardrobe as a married woman.


Nigerian traditional dresses

Nigerian traditional dresses

The Iro and Buba that we once knew to be sewn in the same, simple round-neck style has now morphed into new, modern looks. Thanks to the creativity of Nigerian Fashion designers, the traditional Iro and Buba style has now been modernised into various designs such as the Tulip style wrappers (Iro) and the Oleku Iro and Buba styles.

If you’re looking for style inspirations to show your tailor, in this post, you will see a lot of beautiful pictures of latest Buba styles. You will also see the old and modern styles sewn with different fabrics, including lace, chiffon, silk, good old Ankara, Adire tie and dye, Aso-oke fabrics and more.

Fashionable Trends in Iro and Buba Fashion in Nigeria: What has changed?

Fitted iro and buba styles

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What is Iro and Buba? The modern Iro and Buba styles is similar to the clothing styles that young Nigerian women (at home and abroad) are already used to. Hence we are seeing a lot of young women wearing the Oleku Buba (tops) and tulip style Iro (wrappers) to occasions, even as aso-ebi for weddings. Oleku is the term coined for the ‘short-sleeve style blouse of the Iro-and-Buba outfit. ‘Tulip’ is a method of tying the wrapper of an Iro-and-Buba like wrap skirt.

A lot of young Nigerian (and even Yoruba) girls don't like wearing the old style font of Iro and Buba. Some might say it makes them look ‘mama-ish’. They prefer to embrace the modern Buba styles as most say that it’s so like-their-age. And also the Oleku and tulip style Iro and Buba are young and more trendy. The tulip style of tying the Iro is ‘a game changer’ for the young and stylish Nigerian woman who would never have been caught dead in the old-school, traditional Iro and Buba. If you hated wearing any type of wrapper-style Nigerian outfit, you'd love the Oleku style Buba and the Tulip style of tying Iro (wrappers).

Iro clothing. What the Modern Iro and Buba Looks Like

  • Buba Fabric Types: The traditional Iro and Buba style used to be sewn in cotton fabrics, usually Ankara/wax. Lace was mostly used for party/occasion Iro and Buba. Latest Iro and Buba styles come in assorted, lighter fabrics such as silk, chiffon, guinea brocade, velvet and more;
  • The Sleeves: Traditional Iro and Buba were only sewn in round neck and wide long sleeves that reached the wrist. The trendy forms of Iro and Buba are sewn in all types of sleeves designs – fitted sleeves, short and fractional sleeves (OLEKU buba/ tops) and even puffed, long sleeves, sleeveless and much more. By the way, Oleku is the name for the short-sleeved Iro and Buba.
  • The Buba Neckline: The neckline of the old style of Buba is round while necklines of the modern Buba styles are also limitless. We’re seeing women wear the one-shoulder Buba style, the scallop-neck, high-neck, v-neck, cowl neck, embellished neckline (with beads, lace, etc.)
Fitted iro and buba styles

So you see, the Iro and Buba style is no longer for just for brides or married women but also for every fashionable African woman. Even kids are not left out because most cuties wear the Iro and Buba on their first birthday to celebrate their African roots.

Another advantage of the Iro and Buba style is that it can be easily sewn by most tailors/ designers within a short period. So if you need a quick fix just get to your tailor and ask him/ her to make Iro and Buba for you.

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