'Against the run of play' author Adeniyi drops bombshell about President Buhari

'Against the run of play' author Adeniyi drops bombshell about President Buhari

- Adeniyi says sources tell him things may get worse on the matter of President Buhari's health

- The former spokesman to late Yar'Adua says his information comes from Aso Rock insiders

- President Buhari's wife had said that things are not as bad as Nigerians think

Ace journalist and author Olusegun Adeniyi has claimed that the country may just be entering the toughest phase on the matter of President Muhammadu Buhari's state of health.

In a singular tweet on Thursday, May 4, Adeniyi said sources in the presidential villa Aso Rock told him that this may just be the beginning as per issues on the health of the president.

The former presidential spokesman to late Umaru Musa Yar'Adua tweeted:

Adeniyi, a veteran journalist and current chair of the editorial board of ThisDay newspapers, recently caused a stir nationwide when he published his book 'Against the run of play'.

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The book contained interviews of prominent politicians like ex-presidents and former governors among others who gave detailed but controversial accounts of the 2015 general election.

Adeniyi's words are at variance with the submission of the wife of the President Aisha who said the matter was not as bad as it has been made to appear in the media.

Recall that NAIJ.com had reported that Aisha said the health of her husband is not as bad as is being perceived.

"I wish to inform everyone that his health is not as bad as it's being perceived,Meanwhile he continues to carry out his responsibilities during this period.

"As it may come to your notice, he is meeting with Minister of Justice and GMD of NNPC this evening," she tweeted and posted to her Facebook account late on Tuesday.

President Buhari had not been seen in public for almost two weeks until Tuesday, May 2 when he received briefings from some government officials.

His absence from the last couple of Federal Executive Council meetings held at the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock, Abuja, also triggered speculation that the president’s health may be very bad, even after his return from the UK for medical vacation.

Earlier on Thursday, NAIJ.com reported that President Buhari's personal assistant on social media Lauretta Onochie has warned Nigerians to stop making comments about President Buhari's health when they do not know the entire truth.

Adeniyi drops bombshell about President Buhari's health

Onochie's tweet about President Buhari's health on Thursday

"It's very sad that adults would hold strong opinions about something they know nothing about and make strong utterances based on assumptions. Sad. People come on TV to express strong assumptions as truth," she tweeted.

She concluded that the President would go to for a medical leave when it is time.

Watch this NAIJ.com TV video of a man on the streets of Lagos who has harsh words for President Buhari who he believes is not doing so well for the masses

Source: Naij.com

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