Eritrea marriage law: 2 wives

Eritrea marriage law: 2 wives

What marriage law Eritrea citizens were to face? Read and see what these changes imply.

Eritrea marriage law: 2 wives

Not long ago Eritrea residents came across a new mandatory law that touched both men and women. Its main aim was to make Eritrea men obey to have 2 wives.

Must marry 2 wives?

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Unless you break the law, you may get life imprisonment with hard labour as a punishment. The same also applies to women. Such measures were taken on the grounds of men shortage which took place in Eritrea.

Eritrea marriage law

Do you really believe in this? To no purpose.

This appeared to be one of the most appalling hoax of the recent time, due to the fact that such so-called law breaks all the regulations adopted earlier.

Eritrea marriage law: wives

Such a gossip took its roots from Iraq, and not long ago in Nigeria news all the Africa residents were to hear such ridiculous information. The document that was spread in the Internet and allegedly stated that the marriage to two wives was obligatory appeared to be a fraud. Don’t believe this, be on alert.

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