Behold The Robot Cleaner:… As LG Releases Independent Hot-Bot Vacuum Cleaner

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Photo: Behold The Robot Cleaner:… As LG Releases Independent Hot-Bot Vacuum Cleaner

Ordinarily house wives are not supposed to be allergic to cleaning the home. But in an upward mobile world, house chores are becoming tiring to women, who have to catch up on entertaining programmes on TV, check out who’s on twitter or facebook and in other occasions are busy chatting away with friends on Blackberry Messenger.

Also for career ladies who have to always sleep with their strap watches if they must beat hold-up to meet office resumption times, cleaning is done perhaps, once a week.

But the beauty of technology is that it has a solution to every problem it creates. It takes only creativity and deep thinking to discover and that is what renowned Electronic company, LG, just did last week with the introduction of a robot vacuum cleaner into the Nigerian market.

According to the company, the Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner was developed to enable householders who crave for a cleaner home experience but lacks the time, experience a new level of cleaning.

LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner uses advanced technology in cleaning of floors independently, allowing people to focus on things that matter most.

With its ultra-quiet design, the LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner operates at just 60 decibels, making it possible for users to work, watch TV or chat on the phone.

With its slim profile and feature, it can easily vacuum under beds, tables, chairs, sofas and more.

The LG Hom-Bot comes with a smart 2-way camera. The dual cameras, located on the top and below the robot enable a faster and smarter cleaning process.

The device was also designed with a docking style charger with auto charging function which shows battery and timer settings for hassle-free charging.

The slim design of the 90mm tall LG Hom –Bot vacuum cleaner enables it to fit under furniture and between sofa cushions in order to clean hard to reach points in any home.

Another unique feature of the vacuum cleaner is the 3 fully automatic cleaning modes that ensure effective cleaning of home non-conventional living spaces.

The zigzag mode is great for large areas with few obstacles like bedrooms and bathrooms. Using the Camera, the robot can detect how to get around the obstacle to clean the other side. Home Page

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