Nigerians list reasons why commercial buses are inconvenient for transportation in Lagos (photos)

Nigerians list reasons why commercial buses are inconvenient for transportation in Lagos (photos)

- About 90% of Lagos residents commute in the yellow commercial buses (Danfo)

- It is a known fact that commercial buses are the main means of transport in Lagos state

- There is never a dulling moment in a commercial bus

As a Lagosian and a daily passenger in the popular yellow Lagos bus, you know there are so many things to watch out for in other to get to your destination safely and peacefully.

Lagos commercial bus

Nigerians list reasons why Lagos commercial buses serve as an inconvenient form of transportation

Everybody who lives in Lagos knows that commercial bus workers have no patience, they move when they want to move, they stop when they want to stop and listen when they want to listen. It seems like there are certain types of people who go into the yellow bus business because they all do the same things. spoke to some passengers who commute in the yellow bus daily to understand what they do not like about the popular Lagos bus. Here is what they said:

Lagos commercial bus

Passengers complain about what they face in buses

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Some passengers complained that the workers fail to maintain their buses. They expressed that sometimes the vehicles are so badly maintained that people get seriously injured when a minor accident occurs.

Reckless Driving

Some passengers expressed that the drivers never listen when they urge them to drive slowly in other to avoid accidents. Some even complained that drivers consume alcohol before driving their buses in the morning.


Passengers explained that the drivers and conductors of commercial buses are manner-less folks who talk to people anyhow. They said conductors are quick to insult whoever they are not happy with.

Lagos commercial bus

Bus passengers say drivers are fond of driving recklessly

Change (money)

The issue of receiving a complete change from conductors seemed like a common problem, every passenger spoke to, listed the issue of change giving as a major problem. They complained that conductors often pretend to forget to give change to passengers after they have paid for the fare. Others complained that they pretend not to hear what you say even when you ask them for your change repeatedly.

Lagos commercial bus

Passengers express that conductors fail to give them change

However, when spoke to some of the drivers and conductors about the complaints made against them, they expressed that some passengers refuse to pay them the amount they ask for.

The commercial bus workers expressed that they don’t make as much profit as they should be making on daily basis because of thugs who extort them for money and people who claim to be staff workers.

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They explained that thugs (popularly known as Agbero boys) extort them for the little profit they make, adding that they collect money for all kinds of useless things. They also complained that the Agbero boys destroy their buses when they refuse to pay.

Some of them also stated that state staffs (officers of the law) do not pay for their bus fares.

Lagos commercial bus

Commercial bus workers complain of extortion by Agbero boys asked what passengers thought about Governor Ambode’s new transport policy. The policy which has not been enforced yet says all drivers and conductors would wear uniforms, register with government agencies, have Identity cards and passengers would be allowed to make complaints about drivers.

Lagos commercial bus

Nigerians talk about the new Lagos transport policy

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Some passengers expressed that they would support it and said it was a good idea, adding that things would be orderly and commuting would be stress free while others disagreed and said the new policy would never work.

Would you support the new policy or would you prefer to continue with the daily struggles of a Lagos commercial bus?

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