Tony Umez daughters

Tony Umez daughters

Have you seen the latest pictures of Tony Umez and daughters? Have a look.

Tony Umez's daughters

There is no doubt that you know who Tony Umez is. He is believed to be one of the most popular Nigerian actors of the previous epoch.

Tony Umez's 4 daughters

Speaking about his family, he can boost having 4 daughters and no son. However, he doesn't regret as each of his daughters is really special and is zestful enough to be considered a small queen.

Tony Umez daughters

His eldest daughter is Angel (on the left) , she has already celebrated her 17th birthday. How beautiful she is!

His second daughter is Princess (stands near Angel), her birthday is also in January.

Tony Umez's smallest daughters are Beautiful and Golden-Michelle Umez.

Tony Umez

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Look and admire the picture with Tony Umez's and this beautiful girl. Is she also his daughter?

Tony Umez and a daughter?

The answer is - no. This is Mercy Isoyip, a famous actress and a model which played Tony Umez daughter in one of his latest films. So, many of us supposed that she is one of Tony Umez's daughters.

However, looking at his various romancies and flirt with other women, in particular, actresses and singers, someone may think that this is another his girlfriend. Well, who knows.

Hope that you have admitted that his daughters are really cute and are papa's princesses.

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