Weird: Sheep With ‘Upside-Down’ Head (Photo, Video)

Katherine Baffour 4 years ago 1

Footage of Terry, a sheep that looks to have an upside-down head, has gone viral on the Internet, sparking a debate over its authenticity.


Allan McNamara, a computer technician, claims to have encountered the animal in a pasture in the north of England. He shot video of the grazing sheep, which he postulated was born with a twisted spine.

“He lives happily and has been checked by a vet to ensure he is in no pain. He can eat, sleep and do everything other sheep can,” says McNamara.

Despite McNamara’s insistence that the animal’s deformity is real, some have called its authenticity into question. 

But despite all the controversy, there is a scientific case to be made for Terry. According to agriculture scientists, there are more than 30 known or suspected genetic defects in sheep.

One of them, called spider lamb syndrome (SLS), can lead to deformities that “commonly include abnormally long, bent limbs, twisted spines, shallow bodies, flattened rib cages, and long necks.”

Check out the video below, watch carefully!

Modern technologies enable to do wonders, on the other hand, God’s wonders never cease to amaze us… Do you think it’s real, or the video is fake? Home Page

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