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4 things that will happen to Coco Ice after leaving Big Brother

4 things that will happen to Coco Ice after leaving Big Brother

Coco Ice, the recently evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, has returned to the country where she is being received by all. She was the third housemate to be evicted from the show after Miyonse and Soma left the week before.

4 things that will happen to Coco Ice after leaving Big Brother

Picture of Coco Ice while she was still in the house.

The young lady gave Nigerians and the thousands of people watching from other countries something to talk about when she bared her bosom in the house a day before she got evicted.

Her action generated a lot of controversies as people who expected the show to be as modest as possible because of the nationality of the housemates were shocked.

Coco Ice was nominated alongside Gifty, Bisola, Bassey and Debie-rise. She was evicted on Sunday, February 12. The daring lady was eager to show off her chest when she was dared to do so.

4 things that will happen to Coco Ice after leaving Big Brother

Coco Ice bared her bosom for Bassey to set his mouth on while in the house.

Despite allowing Bassey to set his mouth on her bossom and feel the pleasure any man would, she still got evicted. Many Nigerians criticised her for this; many feel she would not have gone that far if she knew she was going to get evicted.

4 things that will happen to Coco Ice after leaving Big Brother

Coco Ice got evicted a week after Soma and Miyonse left the house.

The irony of life is that the very man she allowed nip her also nominated her for eviction. Popular singer and producer, Don Jazzy, also took to his social media page to express his views about her actions.

Now that she is out of the Big Brother House, here are possible things that could happen to her after she flashed her 'asset' on the reality show:

1. Broken relationship

If Coco Ice was in a relationship before going into the house, there is a likelihood that the relationship may break.

Housemates who get evicted from the Big Brother house become celebrities. An evicted housemate's significant other may not be understanding and may also find it hard to process all the things his or her partner did in the house.

Coco's partner may not like the fact that she bared her asset on TV while some other guy took his position.

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2. She will attract the wrong set of guys

Leaving the Big Brother house is no joke. In as much as you had the opportunity to take part in the show, your life will never remain the same.

Many people see Coco Ice as being daring and crazy in the house. Men who appreciate 'wild' ladies are most likely to go after her and try their luck.

There is no doubt about her playing her game well while in the house; however, it may take a reconstructive effort on her part for her to nurture viable relationships from this point.

3. Coco Ice may get called in to act adult movies

Ladies who are as daring as Coco Ice may get offers asking them to do things that are adult-themed.

Whatever orientation ladies must have been given before entering the Big Brother House, they should know they are being watched in every part of the country.

Coco Ice flashed a part of her body that should have been concealed. Producers of adult movies may be on her trail because she is not afraid to bare it for the world to see.

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4. She may suffer same fate as Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu is a name that will never be forgotten in Nigeria; she was a housemate in Big Brother Africa who defaced Nigeria in the reality show.

Upon her leaving the house, it took a while for people to accept her because of the role she played in the house.

Her activities in the house were far from being modest and this caused an uproar that almost caused an issue between the citizens of Nigeria and that of South Africa, the country of her lover.

There is a possibility that Coco Ice may have issues getting endorsement from family-friendly companies with her last act in the house.

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