BIG BROTHER AFRICA: Prezzo Gossips with Goldie 4 years ago 0


The whole of the evening Prezzo and Goldie isolated themselves from other Housemates and decided to have their time. These two lovers spent time dishing gossip from corner to corner . Prezzo played the talking role as Goldie did the laughing part.

Goldie up to now has been away from the groups in the House just because they engage in nothing constructive apart from gossiping. But it looked like it was irresistable for the Nigerian singer to attend to the Kenyan conversation for some good time.

Prezzo too was heard saying that his strategy for the game won’t involve joining groups because they only dealt with gossiping therefore he had to live a lonely life.This looks to be a tale because

he instead recruited his girlfriend as his partner in gossip and the two really had great time together.

While talking to Goldie, Prezzo accused Keitta of being untrustworthy as he revealed to him that Maneta and Barbz were dishing gossip about them(Prezzo and Goldie). Prezzo said that he got to know this in the conversation he had with the Ghanaian rep.According to Prezzo, following the conversation Keitta promised to keep his distance from the girls but failed to do keep to his word. Goldie was visibly hurt by the news of the other VIP ladies gossiping about them. Prezzo warned his girl to not act upon this gossip and told her not to get emotional or else he would never share any news with her ever again.

He also also confessed that he just pretends to some of the other Housemates and smiles in front of their faces even though he knows deep down inside he dislikes that person he made an example with Lady May whom he labelled “a tortoise” and Barbz whom he called an idiot. The only person that Prezzo seems to not be pretending in the House is Roki and his lady.

Should we say that we have got a male snitch in Upville?

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