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38-Year-Old Man Demands Sex From His Mother-In-Law

38-Year-Old Man Demands Sex From His Mother-In-Law

Two women thoroughly thrashed their son-in-law using a baton stick and a cooking stick after he demanded sex from them following an altercation over his wife, a court heard.

Magret hamundidi (54) along with her colleague, Elizabeth Mudadi (57) teamed up and thrashed their son-in-law, Onias Musikwa (38) for his disrespectful behaviour. The two women conceded that they bashed Onias when they appeared before Mbare magistrate Vicky Mashamba.

“There was no way we could not beat him up because he came and demanded sex from us and yet we are his in-laws. Its a clear indication that he is disrespectful your lordship,” said the women.

They appeared in court facing a charge of physical abuse. Magistrate Mashamba however, fined them US$50 each to be paid forthwith after they were deemed not suitable for community service.

State counsel Tendai Shonyai proved that on 15 September, at around 12 mid day, Onias went to his in-laws’ place of residence intending to settle a dispute with his wife Alice Kanjanda. The State had it that Onias and his wife are on separation and she is staying with her parents. It is State’s case that Magret and Elizabeth became violent when they were in the process of negotiating a possible way forward with his wife.

Furthermore, they went on to use a baton stick and shoes to ‘discipline him’. They argued that Onias was not giving them the respect they deserved as in-laws.

“He came to our place of residence and he does not respect us as his in-laws,” said Magret.

Onias allegedly suffered some visible injuries according to the medical affidavit produced in court as exhibit. The court heard it that Onias had gone to check his wife but his in-laws were denying him access to her prompting him to display such a conduct. However, the pair contested the affidavit citing that it was a fabrication.

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