HELP! I Have X-Rated Dreams About My Exes, But I’m Happily Married 4 years ago 1


This message is from Carla who swears she’s happily married, enjoys a great sex life with her husband, but cannot stop dreaming about her ex.

Actually, a few exes. She has sex dreams about them  vivid, intense sex dreams where she wakes up feeling like it was really happening and it makes her want to get it on with her husband. But then she feels weird about it and guilty that some former flames in her life are invading her dreams and having sex with her.

If it happened once, then I wouldn’t think it was a big deal. Twice, three times even. But these sex dreams keep on happening. I probably have one a week and it’s not always the same ex though it’s been the same three exes who keep making porno appearances in my naughtiest dreams. I wake up feeling like I’m on the verge of orgasm. Intense! And then I lay there re-living the dream all while my husband is snoring next to me. What the heck?!?! This is just wrong wrong wrong. But I cannot control my mind when I sleep. I feel like it’s a form of cheating. Why mind, why? Please stop!

I’m a happy wife, a sexually satisfied happy wife. And a mom. And I work. I have plenty of other crap to dream about like my kids growing up and making tons of money so they can buy me a dream house. See that? Dream house. Why can’t I dream about a dream house? Instead I’m thinking about ex number 1, 2, and 3 doing the nasty to me. Separately of course. Thankfully I don’t have orgy dreams. I would probably have myself committed or get a lobotomy if that starts happening.

Am I repressing something? It’s not like these exes had some super secret way to sex me up that my husband doesn’t know about. In fact, I like having sex with my husband the best. That’s kinda why I married him. Well, I loved him and wanted to have his babies, but the lovemaking was primo!

I can’t talk to anyone about this of course. But I’ll be reading your comments with all ears hoping I’m not alone.

Is this cheating Or it is totally normal? Should i tell me husband about this? Please help! Home Page

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