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Help! He led me on and made me keep this pregnancy, now he is nowhere to be found

Help! He led me on and made me keep this pregnancy, now he is nowhere to be found

We all have problems in life. At times we cannot solve them on our own. That is why we publish the letters of our readers to get your help. You might have been in a similar situation. You may know the solution. Share your opinion with those, who really need it.

Help! He led me on and made me keep this pregnancy, now he is nowhere to be found

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Here is the story our reader wants to share with us and get your opinions:

"I feel so broken now as my world is gradually crashing at my feet. Whatever situation led me here, I cannot say as I am honestly tired of blaming the devil for my own predicament.

I am a 29-year-old lady that work with a reputable organisation; I had everything going for me until I met my fiance in February. Before then, I had been a single lady who did not miss any worker's program and single's meeting in church.

I have siblings who look up to me as role model as I have never failed my family members in any way. The only thing that made me incomplete as a woman was marriage and I was seriously praying for that to happen this year. But I doubt if it ever will again.

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I am going to be as brief as possible without leaving out the important detail so that people can help me. My fiance had been everything to me when we met. He was the brother I never had and the friend who did not look like he was going to fail. We connected on every ground and did many things together.

We became lovers even though I knew I was walking into sin according to my faith but his presence and gentleness made me lose my bearing. The few times we made love, I insisted on the use of protection so it was a huge surprise when I missed my period. I had thought it was some hormonal imbalance and did not take immediate action.

But when it dawned on me I was weeks gone, I confided in him and he accepted it. I worried about what my church and family members will say but then he told me his family tradition is for the bride to get pregnant before the wedding.

This drove my fears away as I found an excuse to give everyone who questioned the pregnancy. We made plans together and I began to settle down with my changing body. Three months after, he disappeared. I called his number to no avail.

I sent numerous messages that were not replied. It finally dawned on me that he was not interested in the child. I do not know where to go to from here, I am ashamed to let the world know that with all my firmness and chastity, I got pregnant for a man who is not ready to accept the pregnancy.

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The few family members he introduced me to do not know his whereabouts. I am doomed. I hate the thing growing inside me because I know the world will mock me. What do I do? Thinking of the church suspension alone is killing me. I have contemplated killing myself but I don't want to go to hell.

What can I do with my life again?"

If you have been in a similar situation or know the solution, please share your experience with this young lady.

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