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Touching! Teacher reaches out to student battling cancer (photo)

Touching! Teacher reaches out to student battling cancer (photo)

There is always a distinct trait about people who are passionate about their jobs. They go about doing their daily chores with so much joy and happiness even though the work is monotonous.

Touching! Teacher reaches out to student battling cancer (photo)

Teacher reading to his sick student

They find something to inspire them and deliver their best whenever they get to work. People like these are rare in the society and should be appreciated each time they are singled out. A teacher has become the rave of the moment following his role in the life of an Iranian boy battling cancer.

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This young teacher's action has led him to stardom as the world would not stop cheering him and commending him for the role he played in the life of his sick student. The passionate teacher has taken it upon himself to teach his sick student lying on the hospital bed because he does not want this young boy to miss out on school as a result of his condition.

He has indeed proved that teaching is a honorable profession. He went an extra mile in ensuring that the sick boy is kept abreast of everything happening within the four walls of his classroom even though he is bedridden.

So many youths take on the teaching job because they have nothing else to do. They see it as the last alternative when every other attempt at getting a better job has failed. In this part of the world, teachers are not being appreciated so those who find themselves teaching merely do so to make ends meet.

There are a few brilliant teachers whose joy is to impact knowledge and see the young ones grow. They enjoy being with children or students and would rather spend the most part of their time with them.

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The young teacher seen in the picture above is making a huge sacrifice without minding what the outcome will be. Going outside the premises of the school to teach a student cannot be part of his salary, yet he has taken it upon himself to do so. He sits at the hospital everyday and teach his student what he taught his mates in class. This is truly touching!

He has not lost faith in his student even though he knows how serious cancer could be. What are your thoughts about this teacher?

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