EURO 2012: Can England fly? 4 years ago 0

As the matches between Ukraine vs Sweden and France vs England mark the end of first leg of group matches in the on-going 2012 UEFA European Football Championship this evening, the question in the lips of most soccer fans is; will England team qualify from the group stage considering the fact that the team has suffered some setbacks in the build-up to the tournament?

England Team

First, it was a change of manager so close to the start of the tournament, second, a number of injuries and third, a huge furore over the non-selection of Rio Ferdinand. All these have played their part in dampening fans’ hopes for the Three Lions’ team to be successful.

However, injury worries has done a serious blow on the team. It will be recalled that Bent, Walker, Cahill, Barry and Lampard are all out of the championship due to injuries while Rooney will miss the first two matches through suspension.

Meanwhile, as we look forward for the outcome of today’s fixtures, VANGUARD ONLINE brings you the results of the game played so far, even as you share your high and low points of the championship with us.

Results of matches played so far are: Group A: Poland 1-1 Greece; Russia 4 -1Czech Republic. Group B: Netherlands 0-1 Denmark; Germany 1-0 Portugal. Group C: Spain 1-1 Italy; Republic of Ireland 1-3 Croatia. Group D: Ukraine? – ?Sweden; France? – ?England Home Page

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