TRAGEDY: Jim Iyke’s Jamaican Girlfriend, Keturah Loses 2 Brother To Police’s Bullets, Denies Giving Birth 4 years ago 48

This is not the best of times for Jamaican girlfriend of Nollywood ‘bad boy’ Jim Iyke, Keturah Hamilton, as she recently lost her two brothers to the cold hands of death on the same day no thanks to the Jamaican police for this.










The model bitterly told a Jamaican publication that the police, which ought to protect his brother, have allegedly killed them.

“I am aghast at the institutionalized killing of innocent civilians that seems to define the Jamaican police force – the wanton destruction of innocent lives under the guise of trying to prevent crimes. How can you prevent crime when you are actively committing the same crime against people who should ordinarily depend on you for your safety,” Keturah queried.

Keturah said that she felt bad that she has to lose her brothers; Sheldon and Nicholas McKenzie in the most horrendous manner.

According to her on how they were allegedly killed by the police, Keturah stated that, “the police claimed they heard a gunshot in the house where my brothers were, and without attempting to investigate, they barged in, confronted my brothers and without rhyme or reason, shot them dead and in order to conceal their identity, took off their badges and ran away after they realized the gravity of what they had done.

“The very system that is supposed to protect my brothers failed them. The police are deliberately slowing down investigations into the killing of my brothers, the affected officers have not been detained, and they were only placed on administrative assignment.”

Reacting to the news that she has given birth to a baby, the Jim Iyke’s sweetheart said, “I was not pregnant; neither did I give birth to a baby. My very good friend had given birth to a baby, and I was thoroughly excited.

“I felt the birth of the child was therapeutic – considering what I had gone through lately. My friend and I are like Siamese twins. I was actually supposed to have been in the delivery room with her while she was in labor, but I was in Los Angeles. I was so excited when I got back that I held up the baby and took pictures and in that happy mood, proclaimed her ‘my baby’.

“I was shocked when I received thousands of calls from all over the world, congratulating me over the birth of my baby. I appreciate all those good wishes, but as I stated earlier, I am not pregnant and even when that happens, I won’t broadcast it to the world.”

She later said that said that Jim Iyke has been very supportive to her during her trying times. “Jim and I are still very much together. When my brothers were killed, Jim was in Barbados and we talked every day. He was very supportive and his love helped carry me through that difficult period. I was in Nigeria recently and Jim would be in New York soon, so all the people who don’t wish us well, I have one thing to say: sorry for all your negativity, Jim and I are still together.” Home Page

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