How I fought President Buhari in my dream

How I fought President Buhari in my dream

Editor's note: Rotimi Victor Boluwatife, the NAIJ.com partner blogger, in this piece narrates how he fought President Muhammadu Buhari in his dream.

Boluwatife is a blogger at SHEGESUP.

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How I fought President Buhari in my dream

For the past two weeks I have been sleeping late but yesterday was different, I slept around which was too early for me so in my dream I saw myself on a round table among big men in the society, oh I was so happy in the dream but not so long I saw Buhari coming toward us with his security men.

I began to think if he is coming to join us or if he is going to change his direction, I was carried away by my thought so I didn't even know when he sat down on a chair opposite mine.

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Oh my, God, I said when I saw him, I was so happy because I see that as a privilege also an opportunity for me to talk to him.

We all stood up immediately, he arrived and I was the smallest among them, I was privileged to shake hands with him and we all sat down back, for some minutes I was silent as they discuss some issues, later on, I remembered one promise he made during his campaign so I decided to ask him the way he is going to fulfil the promise because this has been my confusion since he said it.

How I fought President Buhari in my dream

President Buhari

"His Excellency you said you are going to change 1$ to N1 but now 1$ is now N315.24 so how are you going to fulfil it now," I asked but I was so disappointed with what Buhari said in reply this got me angry.

"Young boy, you don't know anything about politics, you only belong to your mummy, your school and to your books," His Excellency said.

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"Mr President, I am here telling you the thing that is seriously hurting  Nigerians and....oh my God, I am so disappointed in you and I sincerely know that you yourself know that you can never fulfil that even if Nigerians allow you to rule for twenty years," I said and I stood up, I walked angrily to his place and I highjack his agbada, as I raised my hand to slap him I just woke up and I was so angry with myself for not slapping him in my dream.

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