Ogunlesi: FFK, Nigerians react to Donald Trump's appointment

Ogunlesi: FFK, Nigerians react to Donald Trump's appointment

Nigerians have begun to react to the sudden inclusion of Adebayo Ogunlesi into the economic team of Donald Trump as part of the president-elect's plan to make America great again.

The Nigerian who hails from Sagamu area of Ogun state, was a lecturer at the Havard Law School and is just one of the economic experts Trump is gathering as part of his Strategic and Policy Forum.

Ogunlesi: FFK, Nigerians react to Donald Trump's appointment

The Nigerian recently appointed by Donald Trump and the president-elect.

Top Nigerian politician, Chief Olufemi Fani-Kayode alongside other Nigerians have now taken to the social media to react to the appointment of a black man in a team constituted by a man believed not to fancy people of the black race around him.

He called out Nigerians in a tweet to herald the appointment of the Nigerian:

Others Nigerians have also taken to Facebook to express their deep thoughts about the appointment. While some believe that it was a good development, some others stated that Nigerians are always involved in decision making in most countries of the world.

Chinonso Chinwuko from Nnewi blasted the new president for reposing so much faith in a Yoruba man, stating categorically that he would be betrayed.

He wrote: "Hmm Trump are u with ur senses? yoruba man u put behind ur self. he wil betred u. u wil no dat al the yorubas are saboteur."

Lagos-based Auwal Aminu Danburan expressed reservations with the new appointment, saying he: "thought he said he hate african more especialy nigerian" while Patrick Ejike, a political scientist, congratulated the Nigerian thus: "Congrats . Looking forward to a day that nepotism will be buried in Nigeria"

Olu Femi, who lives in Switzerland had a different opinion, however, as he noted that Trump was never a racist. He stated that he was called a racist by his haters just to tarnish his image.

"He is never a racist just a way to tarnish his image but God is great," he wrote.

In a hilarious comment, Delta State University graduate, Austin Okereke, asked Trump to abduct him as one of his children as a way of showing to the world that he (Trump) is not a racist.

He wrote: "Pls, Trump prove to the world that u don't hate black people by abducting me as one of ur son."

Koke Azaino, a Historian, believes that Nigerians are hypocrites and that he always knew Trump was a better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

"Nigerians are hypocrite!!! The Same Nigerians that were calling for trumps head 3 weeks ago are now the ones singing his praise. I've always supported him cox I know for sure he is by far more qualified than crooked Hilary.....nice one trump," he offered.

Okechukwu Nwaokorie was quite spiritual with his comment as he wrote: "Trump is a good choice for America and the world. Democrats are lying to you.beneath that party is wickedness and evil. They called Trump all sort of names especially through media to make him look bad. It was Gods intervention that Trump won."

Dubai-based Jacy Babatunde assuredly said no country can survive without Nigerians' input, which he explained with his comment: "Can any country survive without Nigerians been part of it? The answer is no but yet our own country is not doing great just because of greediness and tribalism that makes corruption our second name."

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has confirmed the destruction of his US residency green card.

The award-winning author said on Thursday, December 1 that he has fulfilled his earlier pledge to destroy his residency permit and abandon the United States if Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Source: Naij.com

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