The Aso Rock demon is real. Abati's confession is confirmation of my long time postulation

The Aso Rock demon is real. Abati's confession is confirmation of my long time postulation

Editor’s note: According to Gbadebo Dahunsi, the partner blogger, speaks about the Aso Rock villa demons, that were mentioned earlier by the former Goodluck Jonathan's spokesman Reuben Abati.

Dahunsi, a graduate of biochemistry, is a writer and motivational speaker.

His blog is Purpose Life Media.

The Aso Rock demon is real. Abati's confession is confirmation of my long time postulation

News went viral on the internet some few weeks ago. And the moment I saw the news, I was so intrigued by the headline that I give no room for any hesitation before I click on the link. I was so inquisitive about what Mr Reuben Abati, the  former Special Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan have to say about the residency of some evil spirits in Aso rock.

Many people may wonder why I'm just coming in at this time when the whole thing has been forgotten. I actually read the news a long time ago, but I didn't feel like saying anything about it, since I'm neither a politician nor having any connection, either direct or indirect, with Aso Rock. I got the news early enough and I read every bit of information contained. In fact, I read the counter-response by the Aso Villa сhaplain. And many other Nigerians reactions to Mr Abati's article. Sincerely I don't know how I got into writing this, but it is my decision to always utilise any available channel to contribute my quota to the betterment of my dear country—Nigeria. I do not need to wait until I become a renowned politician or a sought-after person before making my contributions.

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That's the main reason why I have been feeling uncomfortable with my silent so far. Because I have something to say concerning the issue. Mr Reuben Abati's confession that 'certain deadly spirits or demons reside in the nation’s seat of power, wrecking havoc both on the lives of men that pass through there as well as the affairs of the country, which have suffered irretrievable damage by successive occupants of Aso Rock,' was just a confirmation of what I have been thinking about since when I was around 12 years old. Even though I'm not in total support of the fact that these demons are causing havoc on lives of men that pass through or working in Aso rock, as claimed by Mr Abati. But I believe in one part of his confession where he claimed that those demons interfere with the affairs of the country, controlling our leaders to do evils. This was because I have had a similar thought a long time ago.  And this was how it started.

About one and half decades back, when I was still a kid who neither care nor thinking about anything. What do we know as at that age than to eat, eat and eat, then go to bed. And so the cycle continues each day. To us then, life is all about food. And since our loving parents always supply our daily bread, what else do we need to panic about? Thank God we don't have any problem with clothes. Not because we have enough, but because we're used to the biannual system practicing by our parents. Meaning that we only get new clothes two times in a year—easter and New year periods, and that's all. In those days, we don't even know where the food we eat and the money to buy clothes come from. We knew nothing about what's happening in our immediate environment, not to talk of knowing what's happening in our country.  So as for me, my siblings and other kids in the village, everything was going well with Nigeria. That was our illation.

But as we metamorphosed from kids to teenagers, things began to change gradually. My thinking, my involvement and my concern about my immediate environment and Nigeria as a whole increased drastically. The realities began to appear. Then I understood that my parents have to work, work and work before getting this food we eat and the money to buy us New Year clothes. Thanks to my ever caring Mum and Loving Dad (Mr and Mrs Rufus Dahunsi). Soon, I got to know about Nigeria politics and the government. Then I could hear people, especially parents, teachers in school, civil servants and everyone around me lamenting about bad government, epileptic power supply, dying education system, bad roads, poor health delivery, unemployment and many other afflictions inflicted by the so called 'our leaders'.

Then I knew things were not going well at all. I could remember that sometimes in my school, there were no Biology and Chemistry teachers for quite a long period of time. And many of us were dreaming of becoming Medical Doctor. Without good knowledge of Chemistry and Biology? What a sorry case? And the government wasn't doing anything about it. Thank God for some of our elder brothers who sacrificed to take us some lessons after and sometimes, during the school hours. That was how I struggled to learn mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. I could also remember that the three roads connecting my hometown with the other neighbouring villages and to the state Capital were all in miserable, detrimental and calamitous   conditions. Still, the government wasn't doing anything about it. Sometimes, schools went on  4-5months strike,  yet, the government wasn't doing anything about it. And what infuriate me the most is that I have never for once hear that there's no money to pay the president, governors, ministers and those senators who are receiving millions of Naira monthly, with a ridiculously huge allowance. But a civil servant whose salary is just eighteen thousand (18,000) naira monthly, frequently suffers from non-payment of salary. When I considered all these lugubrious acts, I felt so despondent and not happy with the kind of government we have at all. And so I came up with a conclusion which now got a rigid confirmation from a man who once worked with the government.

But what really led to my postulation?  Even if am a young person, at least, I have witnessed more than four administrations in this country. But let me just take it from (1999—till date). Starting from President Obasanjo to Alhaji Yar'adua, Dr Goodluck and now, President Buhari. I noticed a common ideology among them all.

I noticed a common ideology among them all.  Whenever they are campaigning, they usually approach us looking like Messiah, innocent, so friendly and passionate people. With that, they won our hearts.  We go out on election day, and after enduring the long queue under the unfriendly scorching sun, we cast our votes for them. But immediately as they got to the office, they turn to another thing entirely—demon. Now, we can only see them on TV and inside newspaper, and that's the end. What has happened to all those sweet promises they made? No more looking back. When I noticed that this evil trait keeps on recurring from one administration to another. Then I concluded that there must be a spirit in that office which turn their mind off all the promises they made to the masses during campaign. And I knew for sure that only evil spirit—devil could do such cruelty.

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So I postulated that there are  demons in Aso rock and also in all the government houses, which disturb our governors and the president, and also the ministers, commissioners and the senators from doing the right things, making necessary decisions or taking the right steps to develop the country and to better the lives of the masses. But in my own perspective,  I think the demon is self-made, rather than being sent. It seems as if our leaders are too comfortable inside those offices. The atmosphere is too conducive for their brain to function well, I guess.

That's why you will see them  fighting shamelessly in the house, boxing one another with their 'agbada', instead of addressing important issues so as to solve the plenteous problems confronting the Nation today. Sometimes, you will see the president talking or doing things, and you'll begin to wonder if he was the same person we voted for. The reps. and Senators are usually busy discussing irrelevant and even shameful issues while they abandoned what needed to be addressed. I could remember one dishonourable scenario I witnessed (watched on TV) one day, a Senator stood up in the house and said ''Mr president sir, my colleagues said we should be patronising made in Nigeria products, which was a good idea. But I also want us to know that we need to start patronising made in Nigeria women...bla bla bla.''

Can you just imagine that? Can you now see that these people are possessed? Don't you think Mr Abati was right about the presence of evil spirits in Aso rock? Now am telling you that the demon is not only in Aso Rock, but also in the governor’s office, in the National assembly and in the various ministerial offices. That's why they keep on behaving like the devil. So cruel, merciless, unreasonable, inhuman,  selfish and callous. Only fervent prayers to our creator could deliver this Nation from the hands of these self-made demons. Where are the prophets of our time? Our leaders need urgent deliverance. If you believe this, please drop your comment and share until it gets  to whom it may concern. I just played my role by writing this, it's now your turn to do your part to ensure that we get the Nigeria of our dream.

The Aso Rock demon is real. Abati's confession is confirmation of my long time postulation

Gbadebo Dahunsi is a young writer and motivational speaker who can be invited to talk at youth, social, religious or corporate gathering.

He could be reached through e-mail: Facebook You may also follow his blog: Purpose Life Media

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