Bank MD’s Son Threatens Suicide Over Father’s Romance With Actress 4 years ago 9

Remember the shocking and scandalous story that was in the news about a bank MD whose marriage of over 15 years is currently under threat due to his romance with a star actress? A fresh angle has just emerged on the not-so-funny drama. The bank MD’s son who is a secondary sch graduate has threatened to commit suicide if his father does not quit the affair and reconcile with his mother!

For starters, we heard that the poor boy who is embarrassed by his father’s shameful action has embarked on a hunger strike. His performance in school has equally gone down, and has he warned recently if his love-struck father remains obstinate, he may take his protest to the extreme by committing suicide.Of course, this may sound incredible but people believe his mother is the one advising him on these action so as to get the father to discontinue the relationship which has brought her family so much pain and anguish.

Interestingly, besides the boy’s action, the parents’ families and some close friends have stepped into the matter. Particularly the MD’s godfather who is also a respected former bank boss.

In his advice to protege, he reminded him that nearly all men stray once in a while but that should not be at the detriment of their marriages.

Using himself as example, he reminded the bank MD that he has a love child outside, but that neither  that or his dalliances has has been able to get him to turn his bank on his own family.

And like we divulge last two weeks, the parish priest of the Catholic Church of Assumption Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos where the couple worship has equally wadded in, Advising the man of the dangers of his misbehavior and begging the woman to come back home and fight the battle from within. One family friend also advised the woman that upon the resolution of this marital mess,  she should examine herself lest there be something she’s doing  which the husband doesn’t like and may have capitalized on to go outside and begin to sleep with another woman, to the extent that he could abandon his own family for the said mistress.

Bespectacled and easy going, she confided in a friend recently that nothing prepared her for her current marital travails and tribulation. "I never knew that there would come a time when myself and another woman will be fighting over my husband. I mean, I am still in shock over the whole thing. I mean I still can’t believe that my husband could do such a thing to me. Me!" The woman fled to Europe at the height of the marital crisis, and was there for months, nursing her wounds and reaching out to those she believed could talk to her husband.

The man is still adamant, madly in love, but with the immense pressure he is currently being subjected to, from left right and center,  he may ultimately cave in. Home Page

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