Private Doctors Declare War On Fake Physicians

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Photo: Private Doctors Declare War On Fake Physicians

The National President, Association of Private and General Medical Practitioners, Dr. Jide Arigbagbuwo, has said that the organisation will start the enforcement of stiffer penalties on quack medical doctors and health care practitioners.

Arigbagbuwo, who spoke during the inauguration of the newly-elected members of the association in Lagos, said the association would do a comprehensive audit of members with a view to addressing quackery and illegal practices that could tarnish the image of the profession.

He said, “We are going to do a DNA test for all members of this association. Through our activities, we will fight quackery to a standstill to such an extent that Nigerians will no longer take a traditional birth attendant for a medical practitioner.”

He also noted that the new leadership would increase capacity building towards continuous medical education for all members and health workers to improve the quality of medical service in the nation’s hospitals.

“We have drawn a standard operational procedure following World Health Organisation guidelines that are peculiar to us locally. No one would be allowed to pick their health workers from the roadside. We are going to be providing hot lines for quality assurance. This time, we would do our own self regulation and no one would be spared.”

According to him, the association will collaborate with stakeholders in both private and public establishment to improve service delivery in the sector.

“We will complement the public health delivery system; promote primary health care so as to prevent secondary and tertiary disease complication. We would improve affordability and accessibility of health care for the common man,” he added.

Arigbabuwo emerged as the chairman of the Lagos AGPMPN at the association’s Biennial General Meeting and Election on September 23. Home Page

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