Beyonce’s surrogate baby

Katherine Baffour 4 years ago 1

Few months after the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of world renowned super stars Jay-z and Beyonce, speculations continue to unravel.Critics have come up with yet another claim that ‘single ladies’ star singer, Beyonce Knowles had her baby, grand daughter of Tina Knowles through a surrogate.

Beyonce doesn’t seem to pay much ear to critics as much of her attention is focused on her “bundle of joy” but mama Knowles isn’t taking it likely.She has lashed out at the constant comments saying it is unfair for people to say hurtful things like that bearing in mind how emotionally tasking and ridiculous these comments continue to be.

Following the widely spread video of an interview the new mother had while still pregnant with baby Blue on Katie Couric, critics had further reasons to maintain their grounds. Tina further exclaims her disappointment in people, while highlighting that the issue was a clear matter of fabric folding which people refused to understand.

Although speculations continue to unravel, Baby Blue Ivy still brings joy to many as her star parents Jay-z and Beyonce enjoy their very first parenthood. Home Page

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