Free Viagra Given To Prisoners On Home Visits

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Scottish prisoners are getting free Viagra to enjoy sex sessions on visits home.

Fury erupted as it emerged inmates have been prescribed the drug – funded by taxpayers – behind bars.

Prison chiefs confirmed that the pills have been given to a “limited number” of impotent prisoners to use during day release.

The total cost of the Viagra bill for convicts is not known, but Labour insisted no public money should be used to help criminals have sex.

One politician is quoted as having said: “While people with conditions like MS and cancer are told they cannot get new drugs, convicted criminals are receiving little blue pills so they can ‘enjoy’ themselves on home visits. The Scottish Government have their priorities all wrong.

Another politicain agreed: “Giving prisoners Viagra at the taxpayers’ expense is exactly why we need to scrap the SNP’s policy of giving free prescriptions to all. People will be shocked that their hard-earned taxes are being spent to accommodate the human rights of prisoners.”

The drug, which helps impotent men have sex, has been prescribed to some inmates at Castle Huntly prison, near Dundee.

Photo: Free Viagra Given To Prisoners On Home Visits

Inmates there are deemed low-risk and often get extended periods at home in preparation for release.

A spokeswoman for NHS Tayside, who oversee health at Castle Huntly, said: “Prisoners undergo the same clinical assessments as anyone else. There are a range of clinical conditions where Viagra would be appropriate.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We have no role in confidential medical matters between patients and doctors.”

In January, it emerged prisoners were to get flatscreen TVs with built-in DVD players in their cells. Jail chiefs also plan to set up tattoo parlours in prisons to stop the spread of infections.

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