Does She Deserve to Be a Mother?

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 1

Photo: Does She Deserve to Be a Mother?US: A young teenager who hid her pregnancy from her parents gave birth to her child in the toilet.

She hid her pregnancy and after she delivered her child in the wash room with a towel gripped between her teeth and a running tap to drown the sound of her screams of pain during labour, she cut the umbilical chord with a pair of scissors.

In a horrifying step, she strangulated her newly born baby and hid the tiny body inside a pile of dirty laundry as she was scared of her parents’ reaction.

Now, she is being charged as an adult for first degree murder.

Experienced police officers say the case illustrates the issue of 750,000 teenage Americans who fall pregnant every year.

The incident came to light when the mother of the teenager was cleaning out her daughter’s room a couple of days later and following a stink, she uncovered the shoe box hidden under the pile of dirty laundry.

The girl had painfully hidden her pregnancy from her parents and relatives. The mother later admitted that she had forced her daughter to undergo pregnancy tests twice and they were both negative. The tests were carried out by the daughter in the privacy of the bathroom. The father had also noticed his daughter walking around with a blanked arapped around her in the summer. The girl had also taken to wearing loose pants and t-shirts, which had made many people suspicious.

On the day the girl delivered in the bathroom, the mother noticed some traces of blood and took her daughter to the hospital. A nurse checked her and told the mother that the girl had suffered a miscarriage. The teenager lied and told the medical staff and her mother that she had suffered a miscarriage and accidentally flushed the foetus. Home Page

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