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ACN States’ll Establish Refinery – Tinubu

ACN States’ll Establish Refinery – Tinubu

ACN States’ll Establish Refinery – Tinubu

Action Congress of Nigeria will team up to build a refinery if the party wins the October 20 Ondo State governorship election, says its National Leader, Chief Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu, who said this during the party’s first rally in Ikare Akoko on Tuesday, said the refinery would provide jobs for numerous residents of the state.

He said, “If we establish a refinery, we are not going to stop there, we will also establish a railway and numerous other things that will create jobs.

“This election will bring positive things. It will be the judgment of God. Your votes will deliver Yorubaland because Governor Olusegun Mimiko only wants to polarise Yoruba people.

“The Yoruba have agreed to go in one direction this time and that is the ACN. The people of this state need to deliver themselves from Mimiko’s Labour Party.”

Tinubu also claimed that he made Mimiko’s first term possible, adding that the governor came to him “groveling for support”.

The former Lagos State Governor said, “He came with two of my brothers and was groveling. We gave him money and everything he needed. I took him as a brother. We even gave him a bulletproof car.

“In the last three-and-a-half years, Mimiko cannot point to any major developmental project. So, why should you give him a second term?”

Tinubu implored the residents of the state not to “pass judgment on Mimiko” but to judge him with their votes.

He called on supporters of the party to ensure that they stayed after they have cast their votes in order to prevent rigging.

He said the members and supporters of the party must not be violent in their activities.

He said, “I salute the police force because I know some of the men of the force are good people. But I have heard about some who have been arresting and victimising our members.

“I want to warn you to desist. If you force us to act, we will because to every action there will be reaction. If you are being paid through our common wealth, at least you should not by partisan.

“When we leave this rally, we must not hear of violence or attacks. I am imploring you our supporters to desist from violence as well.”

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