My Boyfriend Wanted to Have Sex With My Friend Through Facebook

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 3

Photo: My Boyfriend Wanted to Have Sex With My Friend Through FacebookI am an 18 year old girl and cleared high school last year. I met this guy who is my first love and I immediately fell in love with him. I have always trusted him considering the distance between us.

Last weekend he came over my hood and we spent a day together. I introduced him to all my friends and I was so proud to do it because he is my man.

After the visit my girlfriends asked me whether I trust him and I quickly answered yes and defended him. They put me to a game in which they were to act like facebook friends and see how trustworthy my man is.

My girlfriend went along and made a friend request on facebook they started chatting and he immediately claimed he was single. After two days he asked my friend for sex and they made plans to meet at his place over the weekend.

I was so embarrassed and I have been crying myself to sleep since then. I am planning to go to his place on Friday and show him evidence of his infidelity and break up with him though I feel like am over reacting either way he has not yet slept with her.

I do not know what to do. Kindly help. Home Page

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