HELP! I Was Sexually Assaulted By My Boyfriend’s Father 4 years ago 9

I have been dating this guy for a few months and recently we have decided to make it official. He possesses all the qualities I could wish for in a mate. I have shared with him that I am not ready to start having sex.

So, last weekend I was invited to his dad’s birthday party at his parents’.  We were having a great time and I was meeting a lot of his family and friends. My man and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. There had been a lot of drinking going on. I don’t drink, but was just really tired. Anyway, I felt myself being lifted up and placed on another couch. I didn’t bother to open my eyes because I thought it was my man trying to make me comfortable.

Then I felt groping and sloppy kisses all over my neck and chest. I wiped the crust out my eyes to see his DADDY IN FULL DRUNKEN ACTION!!! I kicked and pushed him off of me, jumped up and woke my man up. I was screaming and told him what his dad had done. So, my man (still drunk) starts arguing with his dad. By now, his mom wakes up and is trying to break up the fight. I’m collecting my things and looking for my keys to get the heck out of there. I’m crying and make it to my car. My man comes running after me asking if I’m OK and begging me to stay. I jump in and drive off.

He has been calling me ever since that incident, but I just can’t talk to him. He’s shown up to my place twice and I don’t answer the door. I get at least 3 emails a day asking me to call him. I’m confused. I mean what am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to continue this relationship after that incident? Damn, why can’t his daddy be normal?!?!

My man does have his own place, but he comes from a really close family. On a side note: ever since being introduced to his dad I’ve noticed that he gives me a certain look. I thought all along it was the, “Son, you picked a good one” look not the, “Damn, I wanna hit that” look.  I haven’t told anyone about this incident because it’s so embarrassing! Help! Home Page

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