Nigeria At 52: Better Days Ahead – Kumuyi 4 years ago 1


As Nigeria marks her 52nd Independence anniversary, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Ministry, Pastor William F. Kumuyi, has assured Nigerians that the country’s future is bright if the citizens and the political leaders will reflect on what they have been doing wrong and change.

Addressing the press yesterday, in Abuja, he said Nigerians should be concerned about the situation in the country and be united in their focus.

“Nigeria as a country will clock 100 very soon. We should be concerned and come together as a nation to ask ourselves what story  we are going to tell and what image we are going to project to the world. We are not worried but we should be concerned and give the younger generation a nation of their dream.

“There is room for improvement, if an individual can do that; our nation also can do that. We need to consider where we are now and know that we are not happy the way we are, we can stop and think about what we have not done right, and then there is a united focus and courage to move on and I believe that there is still a better future for Nigeria.

“I think we are in the right path but we should keep discussing until we find a solution to the problem, talking is not an end by itself but we need to see where the talking is taking us to,” he admonished. He also urged Nigerians not to leave the issue of security in the hands of government alone and suggested that the citizens should be educated on their role in protecting the nation.

The pastor went on, “We should not leave the issue of national security in the hands of government alone; it should be the concern of everyone. We should educate ourselves in the local community, let there be people who will rise and give us some education and a kind of enlightenment.

“We can even ask for those who are experts in security matters and send them to each local government to educate them on security. And then we put the responsibility of security in the hands of those that are to be secured. In fact all the intelligence they are looking for is in the hands of the people.

“And since we know that this is security, we all should rise up and do what we ought to do, the education, enlightenment and action that should follow, we need to join hands together and support one another to see how all of us will be able to live a secured and protected life.” Home Page

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