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The Death of Peter Okeke under the Supervision of Malaysian Immigration

The Death of Peter Okeke under the Supervision of Malaysian Immigration

The Death of Peter Okeke under the Supervision of Malaysian Immigration

Peter okeke’s a Nigerian student studying in Malaysia. He graduated from Abia state university with a second class honours in Banking and Finance. He did his NYSC (National youth service) and graduated in 2009.

He decided to come to Malaysia to advance his intellectual capabilities. Upon his arrival in Kuala Lumpur he was told to enrol for a mandatory English course as was the norm for foreign students. He paid Rm7000 malaysia riingit which’s equivalent to 350,000 naira to the immigration as required by their law.

They told him to wait for the immigration proccessing which takes unprecedented time and in most cases, this process will never come to fruition.

The schools act as a proxy to the immigration and over twenty thousand potential Nigerian students are faced with this dilemma. This situation clearly expose the facade and the inherent fraud in this program and undoubtedly amounts to extortion by the language schools in connivance with the Malaysian immigration.

The potential students are usually issued a paper called “Jalanjalan” as an acknowledgement that your passport’s under processing by the immigration.

Whenever the immigration’s raiding and harassing areas populated by Nigerians, which’s on a regular basis and so invidious, they usually shred the ”jalanjalan” and in some cases shred Nigerian passports with impunity.

On Wednesday, 19 sep 2012, at about 11am, Mr Peter Okeke was in his apartment in the “SJ block” of Legenda college in Martin(Seremban) a suburb of kuala lumpur, when hundreds of Malaysia immigration officers came in a Gestapo style that culminated in a pandemonium.

They broke into his apartment, like they did to others in virtually all the blocks housing predominantly Africans and Nigerians, arresting people, using electric shock battons on occupants, stealing their laptops and other expensive belongings. Out of trepidation, Mr Okeke jumped out of a fourth floor building and fell on a concrete slab, he was in pool of his blood.

While he was showing a decline or deterioration of physical strength, the immigration brought out a pillow and laid his head on it and continued the raid while no one tended to him.

It took the ambulance over an hour to arrive at the scene to administer first aid to this promising young Nigerian. he gave up the ghost in the hospital.

My greatest pain and disappoinment is premised on the fact that, the Nigerian Ambassador or high commissioner , Mr Bello Shehu Ringim has not made any effort to visiting the scene for investigative purposes or the 54 nigerians that were arrested and subsequently locked up after the raid on SJ.

The incident was aired on the local tv stations and was a front page news on some of the news media. This ambassador has shirked his responsibility and should be recalled immediately.

Malaysia security agencies has continued this mistreatment on Nigerians unabated; knowing fully that the ambassador’s neglectful his of duty, responsibilities and insensitive to the welfare and well being of Nigerians in Malaysia.

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