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SMS Relationships

SMS Relationships

SMS Relationships

Life’s tough on modern couples. Mostly both working and long hours too. Passing like ships in the night. And only getting to talk for a few minutes a day. Maybe even living and working in different places. And there’s never any point trying to phone during the day. What with meetings, workshops, business calls, or just too busy with the kids...

And the evenings? Well if you’re lucky you get to eat together – but with the conversation totally dominated by the children! If you’re lucky you might just get to hear a little about your partner’s day – but there’s never time to discuss your relationship. That’s if one of you isn’t out somewhere...

And the weekends? Forever dominated by the children’s social life, shopping and friends that’s if you’ve got any left.

So what do you do? Well, you probably end up communicating by sms. It’s no wonder the phone companies make so much money! Everything from simple stuff like arranging the shopping or agreeing who’s going to a school function, to organising your sex life! E-mail works too, but most busy couples prefer to sms because it feels so immediate and intimate.

It doesn’t sound like a good idea, but actually lots of couples get on well in sms relationships. And it’s often the only way to get round the lack of human contact in a dual-income household. Without sms, you probably wouldn’t keep in touch at all!

And don’t laugh, but sms rows can be far more effective than shouting at one another. Because you’ve got time to think through what you’re saying – and come up with really great put-downs. Some couples even have silent sms fights while they’re in the same room so’s not to upset the children! And sms has to be the world’s best way to chat up your spouse. All those great smileys and abbreviations – invent your own! Like you want sex? Then get started by sms. An erotic message heightens the senses in ways you wouldn’t think possible. So send one in the afternoon to raise the temperature. Don’t be coy. Use four letter words And say exactly what you want that night...

You’ll need a lover’s language too! For when someone just might be looking over your shoulder. "Please bring home a baguette tonight" can really lift your mood when it’s your partner’s secret code for: "I’m feeling seriously horny!" Though by the time you get home, chances are you’ll be too tired to fulfil any of your sexy promises.

Of course, you’ve got to make sure that this isn’t the only way you talk to one another. But sending an sms kiss or a message of love really works. It’s perfect for getting a couple with too many demands on their time into sync with one another.

And where do working couples actually get to talk the most? Not restaurants, sadly, but long car journeys! They seem to be the only place left where a couple can discuss their relationship without too many distractions. Except that is for the noise of the children in the back screaming "Are we there yet...?"

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