My HIV Positive Husband Can’t Have Sex… Read My Story

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 21

Photo: My HIV Positive Husband Can’t Have Sex… Read My StoryI am a 38 year old woman and got married four years ago, I have never conceived though the problem is not me it is my HIV positive husband who cannot perform in bed.

I am HIV negative which makes it all controversial, I am a protestant and divorce is not allowed in my religion so am stuck with my husband. I have been taking In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to help me conceive a HIV negative child.

My husband is also diabetic and due to his condition he has turned to be abusive always calling me useless and a barren woman who cannot produce anything from my womb. It hurts me a lot knowing that I have been on his side through thick and thin but he never appreciates.

At times he gets angry and slaps me even in front of people, beats me with food and mistreats me.

I think it’s my time to leave and start a new life though am not sure whether I should leave my husband alone knowing his delicate health.

I need your advice. Home Page

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