Over 5,000 Kogi Flood Victims Now Refugees in Enugu

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 37

Photo: Over 5,000 Kogi Flood Victims Now Refugees in Enugu

ENUGU – Over 5000 people from five major communities of Elele, Ekanyi, Obale and Affa in Analo Ward of Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State are now seeking refuge in neighbouring Idah Local government of the state and Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu State after a devastating flood took over their homes between Friday and yesterday.

Most residents of Ekanyi, Obale and Affa succeeded in crossing over to the Enugu boundary communities of Ogrugu, Ojjor and Iggah in Uzo-Uwani council Saturday and yesterday, using wooden canoes through the Mabolo river, also known as Ofu, leaving their property which had been completely submerged by flood.

The reports also said the people of Elele, Odobo, Nwajala and Ejule whose communities were submerged early last week, have all relocated to Idah town where they are now seeking refuge.

Many people from Odeke community in Ibaji council whose homes were also taken over by flood relocated to Iggah community in Enugu State between Saturday and yesterday. Home Page

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