Fetish Powder From Mother-In-Law Got Me Into Trouble With My Husband – Housewife

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Photo: Fetish Powder From Mother-In-Law Got Me Into Trouble With My Husband – Housewife

A middle aged man, Mr. Femi Bamidele, who was dragged before a Grade A customary court, Agege for divorce by his wife, Esther, for incessant beating with dangerous weapons, alleged that his wife was fetish.

Meanwhile, Esther denied the allegation and claimed that it was her mother-in-law that gave her the fetish powdery substance.

According to her, “My mother-in-law told me that she had a dream that our landlady is a witch, that we should relocate immediately”. She added that there was a particular day she visited the mother-in-law, and she gave her some powdery substance which she claimed would make her meet a benefactor (Baba Alaanu) but she quickly told her that nothing intimate would happen between them.

The respondent however informed the court that the mother-in-law warned her not to let her husband know about it. ” Since then, my husband kept watching my movement, and was always inquisitive about my phone”.

She claimed that there was a day she jokingly asked her husband to give her an egg, but he refused and suddenly pounced on her, beat the hell out of her and tore her pants and bra, adding that she managed to escape. ” What baffled me was that my mother-in-law encouraged my husband to call it quits with me, and deny me my children despite the fact that she was the one that gave me the fetish powdery substance”.

She urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her custody of the children. However, Femi, who claimed to have lived with Esther for seven years, told the court that he did not enjoy every bit of the relationship because his wife kept going in and out of the marriage.

“One night, l traced her with Okada and l caught her with a man. l talked to her senses. The next day, she refused to go to church with me”.

The applicant added that before he returned from church, the wife had moved out of his house. He also informed the court that his friends always told him that they used to see her in hotels. The husband urged the court to dissolve the marriage because he didn’t want Esther to influence his children negatively.

The court adjourned the case till October 9, 2012 for further hearing. Home Page

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