Man Dies While Fleeing From Bees

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Photo: Man Dies While Fleeing From BeesIn an incident that was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, a man drowned while escaping a swarm of bees in Taita Taveta County, Kenya.

According to the father, Francis Mwanjala, the 24-year-old Jasper Msowa Mwaegwa set out to take a bath in the nearby river but never returned home.

Witnesses said that the deceased went to take a bath at the Mtowamwagodi River, he put his clothes at the river bank where he interfered with bees.

He is said to have raced out of the place with bees trailing him towards the Mtowamwagodi dam in Mwatate District where he drowned in the water as he tried to escape.

Witnesses watched helplessly from a far distance as the young man drowned as the bees kept hovering in the air waiting for him to pop his head out of the water. They went afterwards to retrieve his floating body out of the water and reported the matter to the police.

Samson Kinne the Taita OCPD confirmed the incident and said the police have stated an arrangement to get rid of the bees out of the area. Home Page

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